October Frights Blog Hop

The annual gathering of authors and poets who decide to put on an event for the holiday season. This gathering usually lasts five to seven days, and this site dedicates a short story every year unique to the event. They tend to be prequels of books, or interludes that involve characters and answer questions that many have about the novel. For those of you who are interested, this is when to tune in for answers to unsolved mysteries of my books.

Hunters of the Dead: Witches War

An organization dedicated to the hunt of the supernatural in a world where undead, demons, and fey are real and present dangers to humanity. The Ravens, as they're known, track down a powerful demon and kill it, but not before a witch controlling it charms one of them into slaying a fellow Raven. Ivan Crow, the leader of the three-man team, subdues the witch and breaks the enchantment before deciding this unknown practitioner of the dark arts is to be taken to the elders for interrogation. What follows is a ride through medieval Europe with legions of dead following hot on their heels, all while the witch guides them under the command of her Patron. This unknown entity resides in the very bowels of Hell itself, and seeks something from the mortal realm.  The first of a trilogy.

Jack In The Box

Every time a family moves, the displacement can be unnerving. But for Monica, she seems to be taking it in stride. She's made some new friends, she has some prospective boyfriends, the high school is ... well, just a high school. But really, what else could she ask for?

Oh yeah, a house that isn't haunted.

Plagued by the spirits of those who once dwelled in the home, the skeptical Monica at first refuses to believe. But seeing is believing, and it brings out her inner-most fears when she comes face-to-face with the other side.