Snorting heavily, the bull eyed the man stalking towards it, arms outstretched as it moaned out a greeting. This would be the third one today that had come into the bull’s field, smelling of a heady putrid odor that made the cows run from them. Already the herd had lost three calves to surprise ambushes by men like this.

The bull stamped its foot on the ground in warning, lowering its head to ready for a charge. The man just moaned in response, shuffling even closer, arms stretched out in front of it plaintively.

Deciding to end this once and for all, the bull charged forward, rushing headlong into the man, it’s blunt skull shattering the man’s sternum and driving broken ribs through flesh as its chest was caved in, its body thrown back ten yards into a tree with a resounding crack as it broke more bones. The bull snorted, before shaking its head; four more humans were shambling out from the trees, each more decrepit than the last. They all reeked of carrion, a slight smell that wafted on the wind as they approached.

The closest one, a one armed man of impressive height, groaned and reached for the bulls side. The bull twisted, goring the man in the chest on its sharp horns; black, rotting fluids dribbled from the wound while the man struggled on the end of the horn, pawing at the bulls leathery hide. Backing up slowly, keeping its head lifted to keep the creature from coming too close. Pawing at the ground, the bull thrashed its head back and forth, throwing the body from its horn to the ground, a gaping chest wound leaking black scum out onto the grassy meadow. The human groaned and bonelessly slid into a standing position as the bull backed up.

Another human, this one with a distended belly and a scraggly beard matted with blood, lunged forward, raking dirty fingernails down the side of the bulls flank, merely ruffling its coat as it swung its head around, the tip of its horn piercing the man’s head through his left eye socket. The eye burst and leaked out, but he stumbled back as he sought a way to remain standing. Knees wobbling, he fell to the ground, falling limp as he settled on the grass, staining it with rotten grey matter.

The bull backed up, nostrils flaring as more of these people shuffled even closer; it was already breathing heavy from the labor it took to actually harm these humans. They were so persistent, far more persistent than the ranchers normally were. One, a woman with scraped gray arms, hammered the side of the bull, causing the bulls ribs to creak. The bull backed up and reared up and lashed out with its hooves, kicking the woman in the head, caving in its skull with a nasty mashing of grey matter and black blood.

An arrow flew from the woods, piercing the skull of the one-armed man, causing him to drop listlessly to the ground. The bull charged the final person, trampling the young teen underfoot after ramming him in the chest, twin horns piercing the man before the bulls hooves could pull it under, allowing him to stomp and crush the interloping person as best it could. Trotting away from the ruined mess that was the last of the invading people, the bull spied three armed men walking from the forest, two with crossbows and one with a gun like the rancher had.

“I can’t believe we found one,” a scruffy looking crossbow wielder said. “It’s been ages since I had any beef!”

“Well good luck downing it with just crossbow bolts,” the man with the rifle said, shouldering the long barreled weapon.

“You could always just shoot it.” The last man, a man with glasses and a moustache said.

“And bring more of the dead down on us? No thanks. Just shoot the bull in the head a few times and we should gain access to the rest of the herd. More meat than our group will know what to do with.”

“I can only imagine smoked beef for the next few months,” the scruffy man said, a little drool escaping his mouth.

“Well this bull is going to prevent us from going near the rest of the herd, so we’d better do something about it.”

“Right,” the two crossbow men said, standing shoulder to shoulder as the lined up their shots. The bull, not knowing what they’d been saying, stared at them as they stood there, wondering what it was they wanted.



Two searing hot lances of pain pierced the bull in the neck and through an eye, causing it to groan loudly as it thrashed its head back and forth. It could feel warm blood trickling down its face and neck as the wounds churned with its flesh, the one in the eye wobbling slightly as it hadn’t pierced too deep. The scruffy looking man was rushing forward, catching the bull by surprise. Before it could do anything, the man lashed out with a foot, kicking the bolt in deeper and silencing the bull forever.


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