Three Bullies

Henry was an odd boy, who had no friends at all. His skin was sickly pale, his eyes dark with rings surrounding them like a raccoon. His mouth was wide, set beneath a piggish nose and full of blunted teeth the color of old daisies. He wore tattered clothes that he got from the church donation box, clothes that were always torn and dirty. When asked by teachers about his clothes, he would happily reply that they were this way because of his time training his dogs. The teachers merely shrugged, not really knowing what to say in response to that, and simply continued ignoring the boy as best they could.

Every day he walked to school from his country home, leaving at dawn and arriving as the bell rang at nine, lunch pail always in hand. The other kids teased him for his pale features and thin hair, and his darkened eyes. The would poke and prod and pinch him, and even steal his lunch. But Henry always took it quite well, never crying out and always smiling his creepy smile.

One day, while walking home from school in the dark, Henry found himself ambushed by three of the larger boys from class. Two held him down while a third beat him with a stick, telling him how useless and weird the boy was.

"We don't need freaks like you around here," the boy with the stick cried, striking Henry in the gut. For the first time in their months of tormenting Henry, he let out a cry, tears welling at the corners of his eyes. "That's right freak, cry for momma!"

Sniffling, he looked up with a bloody nose and smiled his creepy smile. "I'm not crying for my momma..."

Before the boy with the stick could respond something large and black pounced from the darkness knocking one of the boys to the ground. Large and bristling with dark fur, a wolf stood over the child, jaws clamped over his throat, growling.

The other two boys backed away, only to find themselves surrounded by three other wolves, eyes shining in the darkness. Henry walked up to the wolf holding the boy hostage and ran a sickly thin hand over its coat, cooing to it softly.

"You heard me didn't you Lucky, yes you did!" Henry purred, rubbing the wolf's scraggly hide. "Well thank you for coming to my rescue. This means you all get to eat!"

And with that statement the wolves fell onto the other two boys, Lucky ripping the throat out from his victim as he began to tear into the meaty body of the boy, feasting on his entrails.

"You boys finish your meals and then come home," Henry said, wiping at his bloody nose. "I imagine you'll need a bath after all of this, each and every one of you."

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