The starless void of the world makes me ill. In any direction I look, I find only windows peering into my darkened world, the sheets of glass equally dim in nature. It’d been years since someone had made light for me. Hades, how I missed light… the warmth, the brightness that caused you to see spots, the way it chased away the shadows… I missed it all!

I drift through the void, my whispery edges fluttering about like a tattered cape. I know I’m losing the battle with time. Every day I become less and less, and the void grows more and more. The panels of glass mock me, teasing me with the hope that someone will come by and actually shed some light into my world. But I fear that will never happen again…

“…over here, come on!” A voice whispered the barest breath above my ear. I jerk, twisting in the void to see where the voice came from. One of the panels glimmers for a moment, as if light danced across it! I fly to the glass, hovering in front of it, peering through to see who could be teasing me in such a way.

It’s the room with the long couch and two high backed chairs. A flickering light dances beneath the glass, most likely a fire in the fireplace. Five figures are in the room, joking and laughing as if they didn’t have a care in the world. One of them, a young woman dressed in a sleeveless red top, reaches into a small cooler and pulls a metal can from it, popping the top and taking a long pull. A larger man drapes his arm around her, turning to laugh at one of the other men who must have said something funny. I press my hand up against the glass and sigh.


“This is the room where it happened,” A thin man with a hand rolled cigarette says, his eyes narrow as he looks around the room.

“At least according to your cousin.” Teases a dark haired beauty, her glimmering eyes drawing my attention at once.

“Hey, my cousin is a reliable source!”

“As if Marty, he says that the government is setting us all up to be sent off to work camps.”

“And I think they are! But that’s beside the point. This is the room where they were able to contact the spirit.”

Contact the spirit? I haven’t been contacted before, ever… and there are certainly no other spirits I can think of residing here, I would have bumped into them by now. Hades what I would do for a little company! I continue to watch, fascinated as the thin man pulls out a backpack from over the high backed chair, and slides out something I thought I would never see.

A Ouija board.

A smile breaks out across my face. They’re going to try and contact me! This is perfect! I swirl around in a haze of excitement and glee at the very thought of being pulled from this endless void into the world of the living once more. I might even get a chance to attach myself to the house and just haunt it, enjoy the sunrise every day. Wouldn’t that be something?

I focus on the group as they’ve cleared the long table in front of the sofa and have set up the board. It looks as if the three girls, the one in the red top, the beautiful brunette and a round faced blonde, are to be the mediums.

Perfect. I always did have a way with the ladies…

“My name is Melissa Hotchkiss and I am speaking out to the spirits within this house,” the brunette said aloud, holding her fingers ever so lightly over the planchette, along with the fingers of the other two girls sitting in a triangle around the board. “If there’s anyone there, give me a sign.”

I feel the pull of ancient magics, the glass parting in the middle like a seam, a blast of warmth pouring into the void as I silently slip through and into the room. The first thing I notice are the colors, which are much more vivid in person. The larger man is sitting on the couch, drinking from one of the metal cans, while Marty is sitting on the arm of the high backed chair, smoking his cigarette.

I can smell the smoke from the fire, the cheap scent of alcohol and the pungent scent of whatever it is that Marty is smoking… I almost feel like I’m alive!

“We implore you, spirit of the house, if you are here among us give us a sign!” Melissa called out again.

Alright, a sign… I extend out with my senses to the roaring fire in the fireplace, pushing the ever-chill of death into it, causing it to suddenly go dim, casting deep shadows across the room. All five of the humans gasp, Marty coughing as he chokes on a lungful of smoke.

“Did you do that spirit?” Melissa asks, giving the blonde a look when she began to giggle.

I extend a tendril of my fluttering cloth, setting it atop the planchette, and slowly push it along the smooth surface to the word “Yes” on the board. All three girls are silent, looking at each other as it slides smoothly. The larger man, still drinking his cheap alcohol, shakes his head. Marty just stares at the movement with bleary eyes.

“Oh my god, did either one of you do that? Amanda?” Melissa asks, looking towards the blonde.

“No, Jessica must have done it.”

The girl in the red top shakes her head. “Not me. Do you think…?”

Melissa clears her throat. “Spirit, do you have a name?”

A name? Do I have a name? I don’t think so… quick, make something up! I extend my tendril once more and guide the planchette around the board, spelling out the word “Geist”. I know from my Germanic folklore a poltergeist is a spirit that can affect the world, often in negative ways. Depending on how long these teens stay around, I may or may not turn out like that. I need time to anchor myself to this world, or a deal to broker; I doubt any of these kids will think to do something so advantageous to me.

“Geist? Is that your name?” Melissa asks, horribly mispronouncing it. I move the planchette suddenly to the word yes, causing the girls to shriek and back away from the board.

“Did that thing just move on its own?” Jessica asked, looking around the room. I flutter up behind her, wrapping a few tethers of my energy around her. She shivers, rubbing her arms up and down as my cold cloak of death drifts over her. “Oh my god, it is freezing in here! Carlos, fix the fire would you?”

“On it,” the larger man says, crushing the can and dropping it to the ground.

Oh my, Jessica is so full of life. So much vigor, and strength… her mind is weak as well, which means I can easily attach myself to her rather than the house. If I haunt her long enough, maybe I can find a permanent place to attach myself to. I wrap another coil around her and begin sinking them into her skin, coiling tightly around her soul. As Carlos moves towards the fire, I wave a hand dismissively and retract the chill I’d injected into the fire back, allowing it to roar to life once more. Carlos stumbles back, falling backwards and knocking his head on the table. Everyone immediately gets up to see how he’s doing, save Jessica.

She’s mine right now.

Goose pimpled flesh and chattering teeth, I seep through her very pores and suffuse her with my essence, gripping her shoulders with my ethereal hands as I slowly root myself into her body. Her soul, her very body fights my intrusion, but they fall to the wayside against my assault. I’ve firmly attached myself to the girl, nestled deep into a crevice of her soul, where it’s warm.

I’m finally warm, after all this time... and I'm not going to let go.


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