Mask Chapter Two


Delia and Kat sat around the table, several candles lit to bring a slightly romantic air to the evening. The mood was ruined by how they were both shoveling down slice after slice of pizza between slurping down their favorite beers. They traded stories of their respective weeks' work as they ate, laughing at all of the stupid things they had to endure.

"... so Marty says he can't find the power drill, and I ask him if was out smoking a blunt," Kat continued her story in between bites of her Hawaiian pizza. "He tells me 'of course not!' So I point to his tool belt and ask him if he'd bothered checking his hip."

Delia snorted, shaking her head. "I don't see why you don't drug test your men, I mean what if something wasn't done right and someone got hurt?"

Kat shrugged. "I check over everything before we seal up the walls, so I know if somethings gone screwy. That's my job, after all. And it's not like Marty ain't a good worker, he does his fair share and then some! He just likes taking smoke breaks a little too often is all."

"Yeah, well... he better not cause any problems for you, or he and I will have words," Delia said. Sipping her beer, she shook her head before chuckling. Looking slyly at Kat, she giggled. "So it was on his hip the entire time?"

"Right next to his hammer," Kat said with a wink. "And I'm not talking about his work tools!"

"God, you're gross!" Delia laughed, slapping her girlfriends arm.

Kat laughed right alongside her, wiping away a tear from the corner of her eye. "Yeah, yeah I am."

They both began eating their pizza, only to pause when the laughter didn't stop. Coming from down the kitchen they both heard a low, wheezing laugh.

Delia paled while Kat stood up, reaching for a long piece of copper pipe that was sitting on the ground. "Who's over there?"

Her call only made the laughter grow more hoarse, as well as a little louder. This only seemed to rile Kat up, who stomped around the table, holding the pipe like one would a baseball bat. A scowl marred her features, and her arms flexed and bulged as she readied them for a fight.

"Boy, whoever you are I'm going to fuck you up if you don't show yourself!" Kat growled, edging closer to the corner that turned into the kitchen. "I'm in no mood for some idiot to come barging in here looking to scare my girlfriend!"

The laughter stopped just as Kat rounded the dark corner, bat held at the ready. She looked around before looking down. Letting out a shout, she backed up with a look of revulsion on her face. "Delia! Get the keys and get out of here!"

"What is it Kat?" Delia asked, her voice tinged with worry. She rushed from her seat towards the kitchen, running up behind Kat to peer around her.

Laying on the island in the middle of the kitchen was a dog, obviously a stray from the matted fur and fleas that were visible hopping to and fro. It was on it's back, knives pinning broken limbs out wide. It's tail had been lopped off and throat slit, the blood dribbling all over the floor. Bloody footprints lead from beside the island down the hall leading to the attached garage, with one bloody hand print slapped on the wall. The sound of a door closing from upstairs made both women jump.

"Fuck, there's a few of them in here!" Kat muttered. Looking over to Delia, she whispered. "The cars are in the garage, so we can't go there. Head to the front door and get out of here. I'll be right behind you!"

Delia nodded shakily, walking slowly into the living room to gather her sandals. Looking up the stairs towards the second floor, she though she saw a hand curl back around the corner, just out of sight.

"Alright you bastards!" Kat yelled, brandishing a large knife that she'd bragged could take down a horse if needed. It was a tool she always kept with in arms reach, one she used for nearly everything. She'd been cutting the slices of pizza with it, and now she was planning on using it on whoever was in the house. Delia shivered as she heard a demented giggle come from upstairs.

Kat stomped into the living room, glaring at Delia. "Go," she mouthed, pointing at the front door.

Delia didn't need to be told twice. She dashed to the door, grabbing at the doorknob with shaking hands. Opening the door, she tugged until the clatter of chains rang out into the empty house. Looking through the crack of the doorway, she screamed when she noticed thick links of chain going from the lock to the wall.

Someone had sealed the exit from the outside sometime between Delia getting the pizza and beer from the delivery guy and now.

Staring out into the darkness, she squinted her eyes as she watched someone walked from the hedges, parting them with pale skin.

A naked man with a ski mask pulled over his head, he'd carved a pentagram into his chest with what could only be the bloody hook he held. His eyes were mad, dancing around in his skull like a bat in a microwave, steel gray and wholly pleased with the presentation before him. Lifting up the hook, he took several steps toward the door, causing Delia to scream and close the door.

Kat was on the lower landing of the stairs and looked back. "Why aren't you out there?"

"Because one of the guys doing this was out there, and the door was chained up. He was naked and had a blood-covered metal hook." Delia cried, squatting low as her wracking sobs began to shake through her limbs.

A thundering blow came to the door, causing it to rattle. Giggling could be heard on the other side, which just infuriated Kat.

"Alright," she said, looking up the stairs and back at the door. "Alright, here's what we do. We go upstairs and clear it out before we make our way back downstairs. We'll chase these guys out of the house in no time flat."

Delia nodded, but didn't really voice her opinion. She felt like something worse was going on than a home invasion...

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