Hazel woke with a start, a silent scream on her lips as she tore herself from some nameless nightmare. Panting heavily, she held the comforter to her chest as she sat in the dark room, the distant peel of thunder doing little to help her mood. Heaving a sigh, she looked around the darkened room before her eyes settled on the alarm clock across the room.

The flashing digital clock read 3:14 AM, the red light illuminating enough for Hazel to make out the small dolls sitting around her clock. A crack of lightning flashed outside, illuminating the room for a brief second, causing Hazel to shriek as she witnessed the black form standing at the foot of her bed.

Grabbing for her baseball bat, she groped at the side of her bed as the figure leap atop the mattress, crawling like a spider quickly up until it was pinning her beneath its bulk. Scaly hands grasped her wrists holding them above her head as the figure leaned in, sniffing her hair in horridly long rattling inhalations.

“Perfect…” It whispered in her ear. “Fresh meat… so sweet!”

Hazel’s screams went silent as the figure pushed its claws into her side through the comforter, blood oozing out around its probing hand. Hazel grunted, coughing up bile as she felt her stomach get flipped over within her, her lungs pushed out of the way, and finally an intense pressure in her chest that, with a flick of the figure’s wrist, caused her to cough up fluid that gleamed like liquid silver in the brilliant flashes of the lightning outside.

Hours later, a figure walked down the road, long coat shielding it from the rain. In one hand it held a fist sized chunk of muscle, glazed with honey and rolled in sugar. The figure stopped, took a bite from its treat, and smiled up into the night.

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