Birthday Boy

Hugging my knees tight against my chest, I pick up a small rock and toss it into the pond. Watching the ripples is relaxing. I like watching the ripples.

My birthday is in a few days, and I can’t wait for it! My Dad should be home for it, and he’ll take me swimming! I love to swim, especially with my new swimming trunks. They’re black with a red stripe going down the leg. I’m wearing the right now, in fact.

I winced as I hear rustling in the bushes. It’s a pretty enough day, but I don’t like it when other kids come to the pond when I’m using it. It’s my pond.


I scowled as three teenagers walk out of the bushes, a blonde-haired girl and two boys, all probably in high school. They probably came here to smooch! I wonder if the boys will take turns with the girl…?

I shiver at the thought of them kissing each other!

Ewww! Kissing is gross as it is, but kissing another boy would just be yucky! I mean, I kind of like this girl in my class. Emily Azuna is her name. I wouldn’t mind getting kiss on the cheek from her! She makes everyone sweet on her, so all the boys are her friends. The girls too. She’s just so awesome!

Oh no! I think as I watch the girl pull her shirt off, her boobies bouncing free. The boys are trying not to stare, and I just blink as I realize that her nipples have bits of metal going through them.


“So you boys gonna just stare at me, or are we going to do this?” She asked under her breath, her twin pigtails running down her back. She has freckles and a small scar just over her hip. It makes me wonder how she got hurt. I think about this while she removes her pants, revealing red panties. The boys quickly follow, revealing that they’re wearing thin cotton swimming trunks underneath their clothes. One of the boys has a drawing on his forearm of a twisty looking snake.

As she dropped her panties, twirling them on her finger like a Frisbee, I wondered why the boys would do something as silly as go swimming when he had such a neat drawing on him? Doesn’t he know the water will wash it off? My thoughts are interrupted when the girl tossed her panties across the pond, where they landed next to me on the rocks. I flinched, nearly falling in the water as I try and put some distance between the lacy thing and myself. I don’t want to touch them, they probably have cooties on them or something!

“Fetch, whoever gets them to me first gets to taste me,” the girl ordered, resulting in a swift punch to the jaw from the stockier boy, knocking the boy with the snake on his arm to the sand with a grunt. The girl giggled as the stocky boy jumps into the water, starting into a fine freestyle stroke to make his way to the reeds and weeds that are hiding me from the world. I panic; I have nowhere to go and I don’t want to be discovered by them. What if they kick me out, say that this is their pond now?

Looking over, I blink as I stare at the thin red material. An idea pops like a light bulb in my head. I reach out and grab the panties, and bring them up like I did the rock. Wadding them into a ball, I wind up the pitch and throw like a pro, sending the strange garment over my cover and halfway into the middle of the pond, where they land in the water.

Stocky slows to a paddle as he notices them floating atop the water. He snatches them, turning back to swim to the shore. Snake Arm has just entered the water and is paddling out slowly, obviously not much of a swimmer. The girl stands there, arms crossed beneath her boobies with a smirk on her face. I peered over the reeds and frowned. She’s taking a seat on a stone that I usually have my lunch on, and is curling her finger in a come-here motion to Stocky as he stepped out of the water, drenched panties dangling from his right fist. His cloth swimming trunks are halfway off due to gravity, showing off his pale butt. I try not to laugh as the girl leans forward and grabs the edge of them, pulling them down all the way.

“Oh hello,” the girl said for some reason. “You are a big boy, aren’t you?”

“You know I am Jasmine,” Stocky replied, placing his hands on her shoulders, pulling her closer to him. “How about a reward for fetching your underwear? I bet they’re not nearly as wet as you are!”

I don’t understand what is being said at all, but I do notice that Snake Arm is splashing his way over towards me. I panicked, scrambling back on the rocks until I bumped into a long, hard bone sticking up from the sand. Knowing that Snake Arm will give away position, I grip the longest bone, yellowed with age yet marred by green moss, and brandish it like a club.

Conan the Barbarian would be proud!

Snake Arm bursts free from the water’s surface with a gasp of air. He flings an arm through the reeds, letting out a yelp as he cuts himself on the jagged rocks. I swing my club down onto his hand, hammering it into a sharpened piece stone, which pierces his palm like the nail that went through Jesus. I offered a quick prayer asking for forgiveness as he bellowed, making Stocky jump back, turning to reveal his wiener standing up, stretched away from his body. A trail of saliva leads from the tip to Jasmine’s lips, and her wide eyes are slightly watery as she stared out over the pond.

“Charlie? You okay?” Stocky called out, sounding very annoyed. He had one hand balled to a fist at his side, the other clutching one of Jasmine’s pigtails.

I leaned forward, just to where I’m nearly face-to-face with Charlie. His eyes widened and he lets out a scream as I club him across the face, blood gushing from his broken nose. He slumped over the sharpened rocks, his impaled hand keeping him moored to the small island. Stocky lets out a war cry and lets go of Jasmine’s hair, running into the water naked, leaping into it with a powerful stroke.

Oh no! I think. I can’t handle him!

He crossed the distance between us in mere moments, closing in on me quickly. He ignored me and stands up on the slope leading onto the island. I’m crouched low, weeds and reeds towering above me as I watch him check over his friend. I hear Stocky use a swear before turning to shout across the pond.

“Jasmine, get your phone! Something attacked Charlie!”

Jasmine gets up from the rock, fetching her jeans. “Fuck! What the hell attacked him? A snake?”

My mind flashes to the snake on his arm, of the snakes that always gave chase from the bush just behind my island. The Cottonmouths are pretty angry at, well, everything. Maybe I can defend myself with them.

I stand up and bolt towards the bush, causing Stocky to swear yet again, splashing into the pond as if he stepped back from my sudden appearance.

“Jasmine, run! Run away!”

“I need my shirt Ray-”

“I said run the fuck away girl! Do it now!”

I ignored their banter as I bashed the bush with my club, shaking the branches and leaves about. I can practically feel the snakes uncoiling and slithering into the water from the roots of the bush, and hear their angry hisses. I squatted down only to find myself staring one in it’s unblinking eyes.

“There, get them!” I ordered softly, pointing at Ray and Jasmine.

The snake bobbed it’s head before racing out from beneath the bush, the three feet of corded muscle twisting and curling over the jagged rocks, it’s kin following it faithfully. Charlie, still unconscious, doesn’t even flinch as four snakes sink their fangs into his extended arm. Ray falls backward into the water in a silly attempt to out-swim a water snake. He makes it maybe five feet before six snakes are on him, trails of blood slipping through the water as he sinks, the thrashing bodies pushing him deeper into my pond.

Jasmine stared on with shock as I stand up fully from behind my hiding place, brandishing my club with menace in my voice. “Stay out of here!” I croaked, my voice akin to water falling to rock.

She seemed stunned by my appearance. My slimy arms and legs, my puffy chest and stomach covered in bite marks; what did she expect from this pond? I know that my family put up signs after I went missing, warning people away from my pond. But they just keep coming. They keep coming to do nasty things in my water. Well, me and my friends don’t like that very much.

I toss my club back into the sandy middle of the island, the leg bone clattering against moss-covered ribs, my old skull peering out from underneath. I blink and appear at Jasmine’s side, where I slap the strange device she’d retrieved from her pants out of her hand. She shrieked and looked around, trying to place where I am.

I know I’m hard to locate when I’m not on my island… I look around her nude frame and smile as the largest serpent, the one that was but a nestling when I was bitten, slides out of the water and up behind her. Focusing hard enough to become corporeal, I reach out with my perpetually moist hand and grab her fingers in a tugging grasp.

She looked down at me just as I opened my mouth, spraying out fetid water and mud all over her. She wipes at her eyes, cursing and saying “the legends are true!” stumbling back to get out of my clammy grasp. The serpent reared up and lashed out, fangs sinking into her fanny with a sickening plop! That makes her screaming rise in tenor. I march up and give her a firm push, sending her toppling backwards into the pond, where dozens of Cottonmouths swarm over her, biting and hissing as they pull her under the ebb and flow of the warm water. The water is cloudy now, and the three teenagers are sinking to the bottom, where so many others rot.

I disappear only to reappear on my island, sinking back down to my but while pulling my knees flush with my body. I pick up another rock and toss it into the water, watching the ripples.

Yup, soon it will be my birthday…


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