Of The Father, By The Father


Hot, humid air filled with the scent of sweaty laborers, and darkness.

Lisa struggled against her bonds, feeling them stretch and flex around her. She could breathe, but she couldn't seem to get out from under this nasty blanket that was wrapped all around her. It smelled like an old jockstrap that had never been washed, and she felt a sticky warmth all around her.

The last thing she remembered was walking down 6th street, chatting with her boyfriend when something fell off the side of a jeep, bleeding yellow and white fluids from a spot where it's head used to be. She, along with a crowd of maybe twelve people, all gathered around to stare at the convulsing body of what looked like a homeless man at first.

But despite the loss of its head, the body was moving, crawling about on alkl fours as it's clothing melted into a pallid, shapeless form. Tentacles sprouted from its sides as it lurched up onto ever expanding legs, the shoes stretching out into single digit toes ending in long, spade-like claws. The hole where the head had once been expanded until it was over three feet in diameter, a gaping maw of drool, hundreds of human tongues growing from the circles of muscle leading down into the beast's gullet.

It'd lashed out with it's tentacles, things as thick as tree trunks and heavily muscled, wrapping them around people before stuffing them down the mouth and into it's stomach. It steamed and stank like a men's locker room, sweat glistening off it's eye;ess body as it had snatched Lisa by the arms and forced her down into it's stomach.

That was when it went hazy.

Now, she could feel that she was laying on something hard, could hear water trickling by, and felt the footfalls of something very heavy walking close to her.

She shrieked as the top of the blanket encapsulating her stretched, a long and languid stroke from a pahllic limb moving over her, like a tongue licking a treat. She gasped for air, scratching at the blanket, fleshy layers of skin coming off the slick fabric.

"Help!" She screamed, kicking to try and free herself. The blanket seemed to realize what she was doing and wrapped around her legs tighter. "Somebody help me!"

The phallic liumb caressed the blanket smothering her once more, a raspy voice coming from the other side.

"No help... soon you will... be free... to serve Father..." It said, sounding as if it had trouble breathing, like it was drowning in it's own fluids.

"Father? My father's dead! Who the hell are you?" Lisa screamed, her arms slowly being pinned to her chest as the blanket constricted down upon her, forcing the fluids beneath her to sluice up oiver her legs and neck, the liquid foul smelling and lukewarm, like an alcoholics vomit after a bender.

"My name... is of no... concern... we all must... serve Father..." The voice heaved, two heavy footfalls bringing it closer to Lisa and her cocoon. "You too... will understand... in time..."

"Let me out! I swear, I won't tell the police anything, just let me go and I'll walk away!" Lisa begged.

The voice just chuckled in it's raspy, watery voice. "Soon you will walk free... free from pain... free from hate... free from hunger... like all who serve Father... you will be free..."

Lisa almost said something but she found herself overcome by a wave of fatigue. She tried to flex her fingers but they'd gone numb, her legs as well. She felt pressure all around her, popping and sizzling noises echoing within her prison, but couldn't tell what was going on.

It scared her.

Minuted passed by and she began to feel light-headed, similar to the times she'd smoked pot, but far more pleasent. The smells and the pressure were no longer causeing her pain. She just felt at peace. When she blinked and found that her eyes couldn't open, she panicked for a moment. But then she realized that she was in the darkness.

Who needed eyes when they couldn't see to begin with?

She yawned, the fluids spilling into her mouth and bubbling up over her face. Strange... she thought. I can still breathe! Wait... am I even breathing?

Lisa tried to take a breath but found her body too numb for her to even tell if she was breathing or not. She felt tingling in her gums and pressure in her jaw, and heard pops as her head shifted. She grew dizzy as the world seemed to melt away, slowly flickering to life in the form of beings radiating a fuzzy orange glow.

She could see through her prison! She tried to lift an arm, but found it was still pinned to her chest. She giggled, a wave of euphoria washing over her as she thought of the fun times she'd had. In the back of her mind she felt a presence, something that stirred deep within her, as if it'd always been there and had merely been asleep. It radiated love and care, and Lisa basked in the attention.

She realized then, through a hazy crop of images flashing through her mind, that this presence was Father, He was showing her his home.

A great room with curved stone walls, enshrined with four pillars that great chains extended from into the the Father's flesh, piercing the sweaty meat to hold him down. He didn't move or struggle... instead he simply slept. Her conciousness drifted around to where she could gaze upon his glory, his ring of violet eyes blinking at varying speeds.

Then she found herself back in her body, flexing and pushing against her prison. Hearing a tear, she pushed even harder, her right arm making short work of the covering to allow her a blast of fetid air. Pushing herself to a standing position, she tried to look before she realized she didn't have a neck...

No matter though, because she could feel others laying on the ground around her, as well as the one that had been speaking to her. He was large, far larger than her, and radiated a blistering amount of heat. He stomped forward.

An array of images entered her mind, of coupling with the creature, using her now flexible right arm to grip his hand. She nodded, and raised her arm, the heat coming off of it weak like a budding camofire. One of his six arms stretched out and took hold of hers, melting like butter until she felt her right arm grow stronger, and longer. A stiffening in her hand told her she was growing a nail, while the new heat was allowing more arms to sproud around her mouth and out of her sides, She was naked now, but didn't mind.

Father said it was okay.

She pulled her arm back, bringing his arm with it. The limb was now stronger than ever, and easily twelve feet long, ending in a solid jagged piece of keratine.

"You... stay here... I find more... for Father..." Her savior said befoire turning and slouching down the tunnel they were in.

Another array of images flashed through her mind, telling her to consume any who got close to her brothers and sisters that were still gestating. Beneath her she felt a squishy pulp that connected to her feet via tiny strands.

Suddenly she could see again! Blinking, her eye wasn't in her head, but on the wall of the sewer they were in. There were four of her bretheren in fleshy cocoons, with her own having burst and spread beneath her. She could feel everything that the flesh of the ground touched, smelled, and ate. More eyes popped into existence, allowing her to look down a tunnel while looking at her.

She wasn't a cute blonde girl anymore. Her foirmerly flawed body had been replaced with the Father's grandeur. She had gained at least a hundred pounds, and stood around six feet tall, with a large mouth and several dribbling tentacles lining around her gaping maw. Her body was pale, with veins pumping thick fluids through her body.

Her right arm was a thick tentacle sprouting from her chest, coiling and swaying like a serpent. The nail on the end of the limb looked like a savage hook.

She was beautiful.


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