Crawling into the space between the roof and the ceiling, Johann coughed as dust and hay prickled his face. The young boy stared through the cracks in the ceiling, staring down at his parents as they panicked. His father, Gregor, and his mother, Helen, were trading weapons between each other, pulling them from various hiding places so that they would both be equipped and ready for what was breaking apart the front room.

"The sword woman, bring me the sword!" Gregor demanded, holding out a burly hand expectantly.

In his other he had a wooden buckler fashioned from a covering over wagon wheels. Helen pulled a longsword from a sheath hidden behind a bookcase, the shink of the blade echoing throughout the room. She passed him the blade and took up her kitchen cleaver, a heavy ended butcher's knife that allowed her to cut up the meat for their nightly stew.

A slam in the other room resounded throughout the entire room, what sounded like the table being thrown up against the door. Wooden beams splintered and Johann clambered away from the sections of the ceiling where the weakened beams were supporting the roof. He didn't want to fall into the room as his parents readied for a fight that they had warned him could happen for years. He'd never been told who the enemy was, but he never cared: he would usually lay awake at night, listening to the sounds of the village in the night, waiting.

The creature came with untold screams and howls as people fell dead in the street, blood running down the gutters as the village guard did their best to combat the occult horror that descended upon the small village with untold horror. Crawling over to where Johann could peer between the cracks leading outside sitting beneath his roof and above his ceiling, his dusty attic acting as his only sanctuary.

Houses were burning, great plumes of smoke rising into the air as crackling logs and baking mud assaulted the senses. Dead men and women lay prone in the roads, all torn asunder. One man was merely a torso with one arm, his other arm ripped from his body and rammed through the chest of a woman. All of them had seared skulls, their faces cooked off their skulls leaving smoking toothy grins from bloody skulls. Johann couldn't see the monster, whatever it was, but did see his front door torn from the hinges and laying out on the front lawn.

A sudden crashing noise slammed into the room, several pieces of cutlery sticking through the gaps, a dull knife slicing into Johann's calf. Forcing himself to swallow the scream, he curled himself up to look at the wound, wincing as he watched the blood bubble forth from the deep slice. His trousers were rapidly growing red from the injury, forcing Johann to take off his socks to wrap around his leg like a tourniquet, if only to stem the bleeding.

Crawling over the bedroom where his parents were cloistered, Johann wanted to call out to them.

Run away! He thought desperatly. Come back for me later but save yourself!

The bedroom door shuddered, cracking beneath the force of a heavy blow. The end of a sharpened knife hung from the door, piercing straight through it from the beasts mighty blasts. A slickened, slurping noise scuelched and dripped as whatever was attacking his family's hovel moved to once more gather the strength to batter down the door.

Gregor looked up, his eyes peering through the space into the attic where Johann sat. His eyes were grim, gray orbs that betrayed no emotion. He stared at his son for a few seconds before the door burst inward, splinters flying eildly as broken pieces of table, burning logs from the fire, the half empty caldron of stew from the fire, and a host of other decorative pieces that once littered the living room.

Floating through the doorframe, slipping past the broken frame with pops as individula eyes pulled through largely in thanks to their translucent slime. Thew beast revealed itself as a giant sphere composesd of human eyes, all connected via optic nerves. Green, blue, brown, hazel... all the eyes were human eyes that all stared at Gregor without rage, without anger...

Without mercy.

A sudden flurry of broken furniture harried Gregor, dozens of eyes rolling about as if staring at the broken fixtures. A flaming log struck Gregor across the face as several knifes twirled through the air and embedded them in his chest, sunk deep to the hilt. Helen screamed as the broken half of the table flew and pinner against the wall, the legs of the wooden table digging into the walls of the cabin in order to keep her pinned. The optic monster surged forward, a long strand of nerves leaving a gap between eyes as they popped back; the tendril of red nerves moved forward and slowly touched upon Gregor's face, caressing his cheek like a mother would a babe's. Where the nerve touched the skin began to blister and bubble, flesh blackening as the nerves reached into Gregor's eye soickets, past the eyelids.



The strand of nerves now bore two new eyes, gray orbs that were partially bloodshot. Gregor stood in his spot, still as could be as his face sizzled away from his skull, he knives allowing blood to drain from his body. Suddenly Gregor began to scream, causing Johann to jump where he rested above them; several eyes beneath the slippery membrane rolled to look up from where the dust fell from the ceiling.

The long strand of nerves moved about like an arm, slowly growing to be a thin coil of cords ending in five strands as if it were a hand; as his mother screamed and struggled, the creature floated closer to her, all of it's eyes rolling to focus on her. She fell eerily silent as the table was pulled from the wall, dropping to the floor. She began to sing a light lullaby, one Johann had heard countless times in his youth.

And then she exploded. All of the eyes rolled outward, somehow magically yanking on her with hundreds of invisible hands. Her head fell to the ground with a crack, blood spilling from the left temple on the stone floor. Blood rained down all around the head, the chunks of torso and shattered bone thrown to every corner of the room. The arm composed of optic nerves drifted down to Helen's face, slowly igniting her face while harvesting her green eyes into the gelantinous fold. The length of nerve slowly pulld beack into the main body, pulling the four eyes with it and submerging them beneath the clear fluid constantly drizzling from the floating orb of human eyes.

Johann swallowed a whimper as the eyes all began scanning the room, looking for any sign of anyone else. Without turning, as the orb really didn't have a front or back, it slowly began to float out into the ruined living room. Johann crawled over to the small space between the wood in the attic that allowed him to look outside. He watched as the orb floated out into the town square, errant pieces of trash and body parts left to rot flipped and danced about as if a constant wind roiled around the foul creature.

And then Johann lost sight of it in the dark. Left in the smoldering village in the middle of the night, Johann wasn't rescued by anyone until he'd spent five days alone with the remains of his friends and relatives. He was originally charged with crimes against his countrymen, but such charges fell flat when it was shown that he was a small child, incapable of harming anyone. Johann eventually fell away from the public eye, joining a monastery so that he could be away from the rest of humanity. He took to wearing a blindfold, as seeing the questioning or pitying eyes of his fellow monks made him weary; not that they were question or full of pity.

It was seeing eyes that set Johann off. He hated seeing the fleshy orbs set beneath man's brow, as each eye he saw was one he'd seen in that monster, And he sat up late at night every night within his small room, wondering what could be out there.

Waiting for him.

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