Blackhollow Cove, Part Four

Nathan sat back in a recessed section of rock that formed a ridge around the cove, the sparkling water churning as waves surged forth onto the beach only to slide back into the ocean. A large bonfire had been built with kindling that Kevin and John drug from the woods, their slack faces swearing they hadn’t broken anything off of any of the trees of the island. Jacob seemed particular about that, something that Nathan noted with mild fascination. He’d commandeered a bottle of foul whiskey, choosing to down it slowly over the course of the night so that he could stand being around all of these people.

Between the joints being passed around between the party goers and the seemingly never-ending supply of beer that came from the ice chests, the group was well underway into a full-fledged party. Suki was dancing about to music coming from an IPod plugged into a wireless radio, some Pop song causing her to roll her hips and stare off towards Nathan with a leer he knew could only mean trouble. Lacey was perched atop a rock that allowed her to look over the beach, her eyes drawn to the ebb and flow of the tide as she smoked cigarette after cigarette. Nathan shook his head…

Who knew how that girl worked?

One thing for certain, he thought as a bubbly young Chinese girl slammed into his side, her hands wrapping around him as she hung off him shamelessly, I still don’t know how Suki works either!

“You havin’ a good time Captain?” Suki asked, a joint hanging out of the tip of her mouth, eyes drooping as she struggled to stay conscious.

“Of course. You’re here after all, right?” Nathan replied with a smile before taking a pull from his whiskey bottle. Suki snatched it from his hand and sniffed it once, before shrugging and downing three to four big mouthfuls.

“Wow,” Nathan said, eyebrows raised. “You sure can drink!”

Suki let out a breath before winking at Nathan. “Yeah. Learned it from my Dad! Mom would have a coronary if she could see me right now.”

“Your folks… they doing okay?” Jacob asked walking up to the two with a chilled beer bottle in his hand. John and Kevin were sitting in the sand in front of the fire with the other girls, cooking hotdogs over the flames.

Suki took a drag off her joint, blowing the smoke out from her nose, nodding. “The restaurant is doing better so the stress is off. Dad’s setting up savings for us to be able to dip into should we have another dry spell.”

Nathan drank from his bottle, thanking Suki as she handed it back. She made small talk with Jacob while smiling her winning smile. She finished her joint and asked Jacob to go over to Craig for another.

“Why not have Nathan go? I figured you I could have a word…” Jacob said, a leer on his face.

“Not that drunk yet Jacob, plus I don’t go around with people in relationships,” Suki said, holding up a hand, her palm on his face. “You and Lacey on the rocks again?”

Jacob grunted, pushing Suki’s hand away. “She’s been moody lately, talking about coming to this island for, like, the last month! She hasn’t made any time for me and has been harassing any student with a boat for a ride. I think us coming along was just so she could have a reason to come here”

“What?” Nathan asked, hoping Jacob could clarify what he had said.

“Yeah, this party? All so my girl could come to this island. Why I couldn’t tell you.” Jacob shrugged before turning. “I’ll be back with that drag Suki.”

“Take your time,” she called back with a smirk before rounding on Nathan. She brushed her hair out of her eyes. “You have any girl waiting for you on the mainland?”

Me? Um, no, not really. I mean, I would like a girl to call my own but they, um, never seem to like me…” Nathan said, rubbing the back of his head as Suki stepped into his personal space, forcing him to back into the rough rock formation that formed the indention. They were just out of sight and Nathan realized he was with an incredibly attractive girl who seemed a little crocked. “Listen, I, uh, don’t think-”

A finger pressed against his lips, the fingernail smelling of strawberries. “You talk too much. I just needed to know whether or not you were available. Now that I know, I can do this!”

She dropped to her knees, pushing up Nathan’s shirt and running her hands over his toned stomach. “Hmmm… gotta love fisherman. Always built well.”

“Um, yeah, I… what?” Nathan didn’t know what to say, his mind going blank when he heard the long, drawn out sound of his zipper being pulled down. “Suki, what are you doi-urk!”

“I think you know what I’m doing…” she said, her hand wrapping around his manhood, pulled from the seam in his boxers. “Nice and long… I should have fun breaking you in. That is if you want me to?”

“I didn’t bring any protection!” Nathan exclaimed without thinking.

Suki looked up at him and squeezed his member a little roughly. “Hey! I’m not going to sleep with you; I just plan on blowing you. Pot makes me horny and I love sucking dick when I’m drunk.”

“Oh… ohhh…” Nathan said, relaxing against the rock as Suki dipped her head and began her ministrations. It could have been minutes, it could have been hours, but Nathan merely enjoyed the wet warmth encasing his manhood.

His bliss was rocked out of socket when Lacey shouted out something that seemed to make the rest of the party come to a grinding halt. Suki even stopped, allowing Nathan’s dick to slide from her mouth as she looked up. Another cry from Lacey was followed by several screams, the loudest coming from Clarissa and Melissa.

“He’s dead!” Clarissa said, running into the shallow cave, ignoring Suki as she stood up from between Nathan’s legs. “Craig’s dead!”


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