Cerulean Nightmares

Kenny ran along the edge of the lake, smiling at the waves that came from the center, lapping at the small beach that made up the steep slope to the rocky edge. Hopping from stone to stone, Kenny looked for anything that would amuse him for an afternoon. As a rather active fifteen year old boy, not much could hold his attention for longer than a few minutes unless it involved some physical challenge, or girls. And neither was truly present at this moment and time.

Pulling his cell phone from his shorts, he read the time. “One thirteen… got about six more hours of sunlight.”

Stopping to catch his breath, Kenny looked around at his surroundings taking in the area so that he could remember it on his way home. The poplar trees swayed gently in the cool breeze while the cloudless sky allowed the sun to beat down on the reflective waters of the lake, creating a shimmering field of hazy sparkles that spread on for miles. The peninsula that he was on that jutted out into the lake was covered in woods and rocky outcroppings, with a house here or there to break things up. Judging from the silence around him, not many people came around here all that often.

Then he heard it, the noise that made him stop what he was doing in order to look for the source.

Girls giggling.

And not little girls either, but teenaged girls, close by. Looking around and listening carefully, he could hear them talking just over the next ridge.

Slowly stalking up the ridge, his sneakers crunching the loose stone as he moved, Kenny peered over the edge at the sight before him, a large smile on his face as he saw bared flesh and trim legs kicking in the water.

Three girls, all his age, were sitting around in their bikinis, talking animatedly as they played partially in the water, leaning back as they chatted and soaked their legs. One was a redhead with her hair done up in a large braid, wearing a green bikini that barely held back her generous assets. One that was half submerged in the water, resting her slim upper body on a flat rock, was blonde with long curvy tresses and hazel eyes. The final girl was the strangest of all, deciding to go topless, her pert breasts bouncing as she gestured with her arms, her short cropped blue hair decorated with what could only be long sharpened reeds.

“I’m bored!” Whined the blonde, interrupting the blue-haired one as she was describing a wave she had recently swum through.

“Quiet Lurica, I’m talking.” The blue-haired girl said, turning back to the redhead who was merely smiling.

“But Hatsu, I can’t think of anything to do!” Lurica complained, sinking into the water for a moment, coming back up with her hair wet. “All we ever do is come to this beach and let ourselves toast in the sun. Why can’t we play with some boys?”

“Well if we had a boy present, then I’d happily let you play with him.” Hatsu replied somewhat testily. “But seeing as we are currently lacking in that department, you have to have fun just swimming.”

“Actually,” the redhead said, turning her head in Kenny’s direction. “I think we have company.”

“Oh?” Hatsu said, turning to look up the ridge. “Oh my! Hello there!”

Kenny cursed at how easily he’d been caught but decided to try and play it off. He moved up to where he was resting his upper body over the ridge. “Hey there girls. Sorry to intrude, I just heard voices and was a little surprised; I thought this peninsula was mainly private property.”

“Oh, we live close by.” Hatsu said, not moving to cover her chest. Lurica pulled herself out of the water, revealing a thin strapless bikini top. “So what’s your name?”

“Hey, I was the one saying I wanted a boy!” Lurica growled, glaring daggers at Hatsu.

“Now girls, let’s be nice and let our new friend decide who he wants to play with.”

“Play with?” Kenny repeated, his mouth suddenly dry.

“You know, swimming and… other things.” The redhead said with an enigmatic smile. “My name is Kate, by the way. The blonde is Lurica and the bluenette is Hatsu. We’re all… sisters of sorts.”

“Sisters? But you all look so different.” Kenny commented, looking between them while doing his best not to openly ogle Hatsu’s impressive chest.

“Not sisters in a biological sense, though we really don’t know who our fathers are… so we could be!” Lurica chirped, smiling.

“Yes, so come on down here so we can get a look at you.” Kate said, winking at Kenny.

“O-Okay,” Kenny said, climbing over the ridge. In his sleeveless red shirt and black shorts, he hoped he cut enough of a masculine figure for the girls. Most of the girls at school thought of him as cute, at least his last girlfriend had said so. That was before she dumped him for pressing her to have sex with him. After that none of the girls at school would have anything to do with him due to the gossip mill.

The girls all cooed at the sight of Kenny climbing down the ridge, Lurica going so far as to clap her hands together happily as she stared at his arms wantonly. Kate seemed fixated on his legs and rear (something he noted when he turned around) while was making it blatant she appreciated his wide chest.

“Aren’t you hot in that shirt?” Hatsu asked, giving him a pointed look as she leaned forward, pressing her arms together to create an impressive amount of pale cleavage.

“Uh, yeah I guess I am.” Kenny dumbly replied, his hands grabbing the bottom and yanking it overhead.

“Oh my, that is just too delicious for words.” Kate said as she gazed at his chest. While not bulky with muscle, he was lean like a gymnast. Kenny was mildly embarrassed by their roaming eyes, and rubbed the back of his head as Lurica actually licked her lips.

“So, who do you want to play with? We’re all more than willing…” Kate said, leaning back a bit more as if she couldn’t care less who he chose. “Whoever you choose, you can swim over to a little cove on that island over there for some privacy.”

Looking out, there was indeed a little island, the small thing more rock than anything else, though it did have a few trees blocking line of sight from the position they were all in.

“Umm… if it’s alright with you I kind of wouldn’t mind getting to know Lurica some more…” Kenny say, looking over the blonde’s trim form, his eyes coming to rest on her gentle slope of breasts held in the white bikini top, and her slim hips.

“Yay!” Lurica exclaimed as Hatsu blew out a slight curse, Kate laughing at both of them.

“So… how do we do this?” Kenny asked, wondering what he should do to move things along.

“Well first you have to catch me!” Lurica squealed as she leapt into the water, disappearing g beneath the surface in a great splash.

“Shit! Here, hold my phone will you?” Kenny asked as he pulled it out and tossed it to Kate, who caught it deftly, before he dove into the water.

The saltwater of the lake stung his eyes, making him come up for air to look around for where Lurica could have swam to. Seeing her blonde hair bobbing in the water halfway towards the island, Kenny began swimming after her, kicking his legs as hard as he could to reach the petite girl. Diving beneath a slight wave, he saw a kick up of detritus blocking his line of sight to the girls shapely legs, forcing him to pop up to the surface once more in hopes of finding her.

He yelped as he felt his leg get caught in some kelp, preventing him from kicking as well as he could. Yanking his foot, he pulled it free before paddling a few feet towards where he’d last seen Lurica.

“Over here big boy!” A voice said and as Kenny turned, he was hit in the face with something soft and damp. Grabbing it from his face, he stared for a second at the bikini bottoms that had just landed on his forehead, before looking over at Lurica, who smiled with ruby red lips.

“Holy shit!” Kenny stuttered, tucking the bottoms into his own shorts, before swimming after Lurica.

But as he pursued her, she always seemed to be able to stay just out of reach. Once he’d managed to grab her shoulder, but his hand slid off like she was covered in baby oil. All of this swimming was tiring him out, and causing his head to hurt.

“Hey Lurica? Why don’t we just go to the island already?” He called out, catching her attention.

“Aww… I was having fun!”

“I was too, but I’m getting tired, and I want some energy for our other games.”

“Oh, okay!” Lurica said excitedly, dipping beneath the water and popping up beside him in nearly an instant. He jumped at her innocent appearance and cheerful face. She looped her arms around his cold shoulders and leaned in, lips puckered and eyes closed.

Kenny just smiled and leaned in to kiss her, kicking with his legs to keep from sinking while he began to make out with the blonde. His legs, heavy like lead, were still strong enough to keep him aloft in the water, and his arms slipped around her minute frame as he deepened the kiss, his tongue probing at her lips, his teeth sinking into her bottom lip and pulling down with a low growl. This was met by an even more rumbling growl from Lurica, who opened her mouth and allowed him access to hers.

Slipping his tongue in her mouth, he winced as something from below cut into his thigh. He tried to enjoy what was happening, but he began to feel kelp wrapping around his legs, cutting him every few moments as he focused on his pleasurable task with the young girl. But he just couldn’t seem to stop making out with her, like he was drawn into her. Slowly he felt scraping along his taut stomach, and he was beginning to sink with her into the warm water.

Breaking off from the kiss, he moaned as she began to nibble at his neck. “Let’s… get to the island…” He said, breathe labored.

“You must be something if you’ve lasted this long.” Lurica commented huskily, a tentacle rearing up out of the water and wrapping over Kenny’s shoulder, the suckers barbs scraping his cold skin as they sank in. She pushed away from him and drug him under the water’s surface, where he saw what had been wrapping around his legs.

Tentacles. A mass of tentacles sprouting from her hips, all red in color, though the ones wrapped over his limbs shifted to a more flesh toned color. She smiled at him, her teeth sharp, as she drug him down into the sandy bottom, lashing a tentacle about his arm as he tried to fight against her pull. Despite being half his weight, she was surprisingly strong, her tentacles pulling and pinning his limbs at his side as he fought to hold his breath. Her hands caressed the side of his face as she leaned in and kissed him again, forcing oxygen past his lips and into his lungs.

He looked at her as if she was mad and she grinned. “I can’t have fun if you die so easily, now can I?” She said as she tightened her grasp over him, barbs sinking in all over his numb body. Bubbles erupted from his lips as he took a deep breath of water, hoping to end this and just drift off to sleep. A quick squeeze from her lock on him had him coughing the water up, and her lips pressing against his pushed a fresh flow of oxygen into his lungs.

“Now stop that and let me play… I haven’t had a human boy in years!”

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