RBM Awards!

The Reality Bites Magazine Awards are a great marker for literary success, not a financial windfall or declaration of being the next American great, but an amazing honor nonetheless. I'd like to win it, and add it to my resume of awards. I already have the victory at Inkitt.com for the best of the genre contest for my Ghost of O'Leary novel.

Reality Bites Magazine is hosting their book awards, and mine is eligible! Take a moment and help me out by following the link. Add "The Father of Flesh" to Best Horror and Best Thriller and "Shadows and Teeth Volume Three" to Best Anthology, and Nicholas Paschall to Best New Author. Would be so stoked to see my name appear in the headlines of this magazine! Do this, and we'll be able to score an award I can post on the website with pride!

Click the image below to be zipped across the internet to take part in voting...

And remember, voting is only open through July, so we need to step up and get our game on. The Father of Flesh needs to be recognized as a contender!

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