Party Time! Part Two

The front door was made with old-world design, a heavy verdigris coated knocker wrought in the shape of a fist hung just below the peep hole, the stained wood chipping and the pain peeling all around it from years of neglect. Trevor patted along the top of the door frame, ignoring the dust and spider webs he was knocking about before he gave a cry of success, pulling down a rust colored key.

“When in doubt, check where you would hide the key,” He said with a wink towards Ashley, causing her to roll her eyes as she flipped her hair over her shoulder.

“Just hurry up and open the door, it’s disgusting out here.” She replied, playfully punching him in the back as he fumbled with the key in the lock.

As the tumblers rolled about and the screech of the lock being forced to work internally wrenched through the night air, Trevor thought he heard thumping from deep inside the house, like footsteps. As he finally unlocked the door, he pressed his ear to the frame to listen inside, hearing nothing but the creaking of wood and a soft, almost imperceptible scratching noise that had to be the roaches within the walls scattering about due to the sudden amount of noise.

Pushing the door open, Trevor was surprised by the blast of cool air that washed over him, as well as the dim lighting coming from several small lamps scattered about the foyer, and the lights coming from the living room.

“Huh,” he said as the rest of his friends followed him inside, all breathing sighs of relief to escape the sweltering summer night air. “Air conditioner must be on a timer or something.”

“But what about the lights?” Hope asked, walking over to one of the lamps, the lampshade a colorful piece of art that had clearly been painted on by someone with great talent. “Do they stay on all the time?”

“Dad says the guy who owns this place is kind of a kook, real old fashioned. Maybe he had it wired so that the lights would come on at a certain time every night, so he wouldn’t have to walk around in the dark?”

“Seems like an awful waste of electricity,” Hope said with a scowl, her environmentalist/vegetarian lifestyle peeking through her meek exterior. “It’s people like him that are causing the problems in the world.”

“No, I think that would be the people bombing buildings,” Brandon said from the living room, where he’d dropped happily onto a rather cushy leather couch, the heavy backpack between his legs as he began fishing the beer and weed out. “But let’s not worry about that, check this out!”

Trevor and the rest of the group moved into the room, gaping at the scenery before them. Great pelts of numerous animals lined the walls and floors, from a great tanned tapestry hanging from the wall between two windows depicting a lovely garden setting, to three great cougar pelts sitting before a gigantic television.

“The more I see the more I don’t like this guy!” Hope growled, moving to take a seat by Brandon, scooping up on of the cool beers with a huff of annoyance. Chris moved past Brandon, getting him to scoot over so he could drop down next to Hope, sling one of his lanky arms around the couch behind her.

Trevor moved over to the television, looking for a remote while admiring Ashley’s shapely rear in the reflection of the black screen, her derriere held high in the air as she bent over at the waist to begin unwrapping the brick of pot. As his friends chattered, Trevor smiled as he found the remotes next to a small box of crayons, near the base of the television on the floor. Looking up, he felt his heart leap to his chest as the shadowy figures of his friends counted up to five, not four.

Spinning around, his eyes wide with terror, he looked about the room for whatever could have been the fifth shadowy figure he saw, before merely choosing to ignore it. He caught Brandon staring at him, eyebrow raised, but Trevor waved it off and moved to drop down on one of the wolf pelts (which turned out to be stuffed to make surprisingly good floor pillows) before telling Brandon to hook up the DVD player while they all got the weed ready.

As Brandon moved, Trevor couldn’t help but shake the feeling that something was watching him, though when he turned to look about, all he saw was Ashley’s blue eyes twinkling back at him, allowing him to forget whatever it had been that he thought he’d seen.


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