Dr. Dead's Island Games Part Four

The moss covered structure at the crest of the mountain was a good call, as it not only had one entrance, which happened to be a great steel door, but it also happened to be unlocked. The whole structure looked like an old mission from the old west, a worn sign set upon the mortared stone bearing the words "Asylum" from beneath a heavy mass of vines.

Not exactly something that inspired hope, but seeing as we had a horde of shambling cannibals slowly climbing up the steep slope behind us, along with a few others that were leaping among their ranks, like frogs in a herd of mice.

That made the asylum look fine to me.

Tank threw open the door with a mighty kick, shouting at us to all hurry in (something that didn't really need to be fucking said), standing there holding the door open for us as we poured into the darkened Asylum.

Out of instinct I groped the side of the wall for a light switch, and was amazed when I found one, and even more amazed that when flipping it on it actually lit the wide open room.

Revealing not trashed littered halls and abandoned straight jackets like I'd expected, but a gigantic laboratory, computers whirring away on long tables along the walls with cables running all around the room, connecting to great glass tubes holding things the that inspire nightmares.

Of the four tubes in the room, all held tall, four armed creatures aloft in luminescent green fluid, tubes and lines running from the bottom of their containers and up directly into them. Their bodies were covered in segmented plates, their triangular heads eyeless and mouthless, possessing only three vertical slits the seemed to open and close rhythmically. The slender, pale segmented plates looked almost metallic in nature, reminding me of a shiny metal bug.

"What the fuck...?" Soldier said aloud, looking about the room in wonder. Geek and Scout are busy helping Tank move a table against the door (after locking it), to keep the pounding fists and cacophony of moans from pouring into a temporary home.

Suit is standing at one of the terminals, looking at the computers intently as he actually begins scrolling down the gibberish on the screen.

"You," he said to me, crooking his finger at me, beckoning me over, "Come take a look at this."

Ignoring my impulse to just tell him to fuck off, I shoulder my crossbow and make my way to the terminal to see what has him so worked up. What I see is an endless series of automated processes pumping heavy sedatives into the creatures suspended within the tubes, as well as a flashing red light warning that the sedatives were running low.

"What's it mean?" Suit asks me, leaning over my shoulder to look at what the flashing window is saying. "What is Butorphonol and what does it do?"

"At ten thousand milliliters every ten minutes it kills an elephant, but it's typically used as an anesthetic for those undergoing surgery." I reply, looking at the warning screen as it popped up another window. "Oh shit..."

"What? What oh shit? I don't like that!" Suit says, panic rising in his voice.

"It says here that the sedative feed is about to run out and a new feed will begin in roughly seven and a half minutes... a cocktail of amphetamines and Naloxone."

"What does that mean?" Scout asks from the door, clutching Geek's arm like a lifeline.

Looking to the four suspended creatures, listening to the moans from outside, I swallow a growing lump in my throat. "It means we need to figure out what we're going to do here, cause those things are going to wake up pissed, strung-out and unable to feel pain."


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