Party Time! Part Five

“Get to the girls Brandon, something’s wrong!” Trevor all but shouts as he drops the receiver and bolts for the kitchen, Brandon brandishing the flashlight just behind him. The tablecloth, patchy and red, was partially pulled from the table, with one of the chairs lifted up and put atop the table upside down. Giggling echoes from all around them as they round the corner, slipping on the wet kitchen floor and tumbling to the ground nearly on top of each other.

“What the fuck…?” Brandon mutters, rolling over onto his side and grabbing a cabinet for balance. “Is the house leaking?”

But Trevor remained silent, his eyes locked with those of the creature perched atop the upper half of Chris’s body, squatting like some primordial ape with taloned claws and feet, black eyes blinking owlishly in the brilliant light shining on it, and on the bloody form of Chris and his shredded body. Long, deep cuts crossed over his body, cutting away slabs of flesh. Grey and hairless, the creature looked like a toddler save for the emaciated frame and the large meat cleaver it was sitting next to, several inches deep into Chris’s back.

Brandon turned and saw the creature as well, letting out a startled shout as he pulled himself up from the floor, just as the creature popped a cut away slab of meat into its mouth almost thoughtfully, chewing slowly and surely. Tilting its head to the side, it just sat there watching them.

“What the fuck is that… that thing?” Brandon screamed, moving back into the dining room, bumping into the table as he moved.

The creature stopped chewing, blood dribbling down its chin as it did so, before speaking in the voice of a little girl. “You said a swear!”

Trevor snagged the heavy flashlight from the blood spattered ground and lunged forward, striking the small monster across the skull with the blunt tool, a sucking crunch echoing forth from the strike. The body tumbled behind Chris, and continued moving across the kitchen and into the living room on all fours, wailing the entire time.

“Good shot man,” Brandon said from the dining room, just as a pair of small grey arms ripped through the tablecloth and slashed into the back of his legs, sending him sprawling forward into the blood soaked kitchen with a splat. Adrenaline pumping through his veins, Trevor moved and hopped over Brandon, who was already rolling onto his back to look for whatever the threat was. The tablecloth, no sporting a pair of thin bladed hands attached to the grey skinned arms of a dead child, rushed forward slashing at the air and giggling all the while. Trevor moved to the side and grabbed the chair that was about to fall off of the table, tossing the flashlight to Brandon as he hefted the old world piece of furniture above his head.

“Get the fuck away from me you little freak!” Brandon shouted as he kicked at the arms, one boot catching the tablecloth and tearing it away to reveal another tiny horror, this one with a trail of pink bows stapled along its spine. Dead, black veins pulsed as the little creature hissed with glee, poised ready to lunge…

… just as Trevor slammed the heavy wooden chair down atop it with a terrified squeal, the chair breaking against the hardwood floor beneath the tiny creature, a series of dry snaps and pops emanating from beneath the broken wood.

Taking a heavier piece of the debris, a sharpened chair leg, Trevor kicked away the heavier remains to look at the stunned little corpse beneath him, trembling as black ooze dripped and seeped from a dozen small tears and openings all over its body. The creature looked up at Trevor, and with a quivering voice of a little girl began to speak.

“That hurt mister, why would you do that?” It asked, trying to move towards him all the while with its one good arm.

“The same reason I’m going to do this!” Trevor replies, driving the wooden stake straight into the little dead girls back, pinning her to the floor as she screamed and cried. He kicked her in the head a few times to try and silence her screams, but that only seemed to make them louder.

Brandon finally silenced her when he stomped on her head, crushing the skull completely, her twitching body going limp in an instant from the mortal wound. Huffing and puffing from the exertion that the to boys had just gone through, Trevor bent over and pulled up another chair leg, tossing it to Brandon while taking one for himself.

“Save the girls?” Trevor asked him, hoping he’d say yes and help him go after Ashley.

“Save the girls.” Brandon replied with a tight smile, before breaking into a small fit of laughter. “Man, if I wasn’t so high right now I would have shit my pants.”

“How many of these things are there do you think?” Trevor asked with a smile, looking around the room, moving the flashlight about slowly.

“I’ll say four,” Brandon said, pointing his cudgel at the dining table. “There were five chairs there. You talked to someone on the phone before the lights went out, and we’ve seen two. So I imagine it’s a family of freaks that live here.”

“What’s the mother like if the children are this bad?” Trevor asked with a shiver.


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