Dr. Dead's Island Games Part Five

“Quite astute Herr doctor!” Came the cackling voice of Doctor Dead from overhead, the speakers in the ceiling crackling to life. “Not quite alive, and not quite dead, these are some of my newer designs for when I feel like one-upping God.”

“This is not good!” Geek shouts at me from the doorway, he and Scout keeping their back pinned to the double doors which shudder and quake beneath hundreds of hammering fists. “We need a plan here!”

Suit walked up to them with his long iron bar, wedging it firmly between the handles of the doors to allow Scout and Geek the freedom to move about, something that they were probably going to need in a few minutes. Looking at the readouts on the screens, the sedatives had already stopped being pumped into their system, the killer cocktail mere seconds away from being pumped into the creatures unless we figured out a way to kill them before they could get drugged!

“Gah!” Tank bellows, slamming his machete into the cheap linoleum as he severed a series of bound tubes leading to one of the glass canisters housing the strange creatures, a pool of chemicals now being pumped out and onto the floor.

“That… that should work.” I say, somewhat surprised I hadn’t thought of it before.

“Not well enough!” Doctor Dead cackled over the sound system, just as two of the creatures suspended within the glass canisters began to spasmodically twitch and heave, their bodies writhing in the syrupy liquid as they were woken from a deep sleep by scarlet serum being pumped into their system.

The two began hammering their four fists against the glass, immediately creating fissures in the reinforced material, streams of their suspended fluid squirting from the cracks their fists were making.

“Tank, Soldier, you take the first one to come out!” I shout, checking over my crossbow to make sure it’s fully wound. “Geek and Scout, you help me with the other one while Suit finds a replacement weapon!”

Whether they planned to follow my plans or not is unknown, because at that precise moment the first of the creatures burst free from the confines of its watery cage, dropping to the ground as sharpened metal rods slid from its body, pumping chemicals into the pool of water and broken glass at the creature’s three-toed feet.

Tank immediately charged the creature, machete raised high above his head, Soldier hot on his heels with a pair of iron stakes I hadn’t seen on her before. The creature turned to face the oncoming three hundred pounds of angry biker and did something I would have never guessed in a million years.

The segmented plates of its own chest folded back to reveal dozens of thin tendrils of black tar, all of which shot out of its opened chest like a bullet, piercing Tank in at least five spots with nasty spurts of red blood flying through the air. Tank’s charge ended with him tumbling to the floor into the pool of water and broken glass, Soldier, using his crumpled form as a launching point to leap from his back, to do a spinning kick to the creature’s featureless head. A harsh series of clicking noises filled the room as Soldier’s boot collided with the chitin-plated skull, only to grow louder as she sank one of her iron spike into the side of the creature’s neck before using a reverse elbow strike to hammer it in deep.

Stumbling back drunkenly, the strange monster’s clicks grew lower in decibel as Scout and Geek both fired a bolt into its opened chest, the numerous wounds bleeding out a violet watery substance from beneath the tar-like flesh. I push past it, yanking the barbed tendrils free from Tank’s prone form before dropping to my knees to check his vitals.

“Weak… but he has a pulse… if only I had something to get him up on his feet, if only for a little while.” I muttered as I tore off strips of his own shirt, stuffing them into the dime-sized holes spurting blood all over the floor. Cursing as I leaned my knee on one of the metal tubes that had been hooked up to the infernal creature that Soldier was currently pummeling, I nearly cheer as a very risky idea enters my head.

Grabbing the tube by the sharpened metal head, I rip open Tank’s shit and press my hands over his muscles looking for a certain spot… there! Right between the ribs! Taking the metal head, still streaming the potent cocktail designed to revive the slumbering monsters, I plunge it into Tanks chest and begin counting in my head.

One… the creature screams as Soldier’s second iron spike rips across it’s head, tearing away a large section of segmented plating.

Two… the second creature breaks free from its container, falling out just as the other did, just on top of its fellow abomination.

Three… Tank shakes and rattles beneath me, coughing and spitting as his eyes snap open and his mouth begins to froth. I yank the metal tube free from his chest and roll off of him just as he leaps to his feet, machete scratching along the floor.

“Ahahahahaha!!!” He bellows, leaping past Soldier and tackling the crippled creature to the ground, punching it in the exposed chest with a balled up fist gripping a bloodied machete. “Teach you to try and kill me motherfucker!”

Scout and Geek both fire into the segmented chest plating of the second one, pinning the plates down before they can retract and offer the creature what seems to be its main weapon. Confused, it begins slashing and shrieking at Soldier wildly with all four limbs. She fends it off fairly well, but whatever martial art she’s learned is clearly not designed to deal with a creature with four arms, as she’s slowly losing ground.

Tank cackles louder as he rips one of the arms free, tossing it over his shoulder carelessly as he abandons his machete and just begins tearing into the exposed tarry skin beneath the armored plates with his meaty fingers. Suit moves in deftly behind him to scoop up the machete, jumping behind the remaining monster with the blade held high overhead.

"Time to end this, I think!" He says, swinging the machete down into the monster's thick skull, cleaving into the bone enough to slice into the brain tissue. Soldier looked relieved as the creature toppled forward, nodding at Suit as she rubbed at her forearms.

"So what now?" I ask, watching Tank as he continues to dismember the poor experimental dead. The pounding fists outside the room say that the only real answer is to head deeper in.


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