Party Time! Part Seven

Trevor and Brandon spun around just in time to catch sight of the original cadaver, standing over the one they’d just freshly blasted apart, a meat cleaver in one hand and a length of heavy chain in the other, covered in dried blood.

“You killed them…” The creature said, it’s voice childlike and imploring. It only had one visible lump of coal for an eye as its skull was partially caved in from where the flashlight had struck it earlier, but the eye gleamed with a wicked darkness that Trevor could only recall from the worst horror films on the market. “They just wanted to play, and you killed them. But that’s alright…”

Trevor pulled the trigger of his pistol, firing a round at the creature as it spoke, but it moved with supernatural grace, ducking and rolling forward, swinging out with both the cleaver and the chain. Trevor just barely hopped back, the cleaver tearing into his jeans, but Brandon wasn’t so lucky.

“Aaahhh!!!” He screamed as the heavy chain struck the side of his knee, a loud crack bouncing off the walls as his kneecap slid to the side, his joints snapping like tinder from the savage blow.

The creature continued its roll onto its feet, ignoring Brandon as he dropped to the ground and whirling to face Trevor, the heavy meat cleaver still bright with Chris’s blood.

“That’s right, play with me! Tag!” The creature hissed, swinging the chain out in an effort to strike Trevor. “Tag! Tag!”

“Tag this,” Trevor growled as he jumped back for the fourth time, firing once at the creature, gun aimed down to hit it in the main body.

The grey-skinned demon cackled madly as it dove to the side, seconds before Brandon screamed in agony as the bullet tore into his stomach, a great gout of blood blasting upward like someone had popped a water balloon full of Kool-Aid. Trevor couldn’t even take a moment to apologize as he was once again on the defensive, the foul little creature, having abandoned it’s chain, was now swinging its cleaver madly as it laughed.

“He’s it! That means we have time to hide!” The creature growled as it spared a glance at Brandon, who was feebly holding his hands over his stomach, trying to keep the steady flow of blood stemmed. It looked back at Trevor with a feral grin, displaying sickeningly yellow teeth. “I think I’ll hide your head in the attic and your legs in the well…”

“You sick little fuck, I’m going to blow your head off!” Trevor swears, backing away until his back was against the wall.

“Stop swearing! Mommy doesn’t like swear words!” The creature ordered, creeping slowly up to Trevor, passing the cleaver from one hand to the other. “And I don’t either.”

“Where are my girls?” Trevor demands, his eyes flicking over to the stump of an ankle. The creature looks over before looking back with a sadistic smile.

“Hide and seek! I hide parts and my brothers and sisters have to seek them out. Then we play Doctor.” The eerie voice of the small creature said with childlike glee.

“Where the hell is Ashley?” I yell, pointing the gun directly at the creatures lopsided head, cocking back the hammer of the revolver.

“She’s upstairs… playing.” The creature saccharine voice simpers as it stretches out the innocent word.


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