Year of Fear

We've spent a good deal of time together going over the various ghosts and goblins that emerge from my head. We've watched as Jaime dealt with a new breed of zombie, seen plants replicate with a human being through sexual intercourse and giving birth through the man's throat, and even read as a woman was inducted into a hall of Catholic demon hunters as a way-shrine for weary travelers.

Some of the stories have been favorites to people, others have been easily forgotten, but all have struck a chord with at least one person, somewhere. And that makes this fun for me. I want the dire thoughts and disturbing dreams bubbling beneath my surface to come slithering out, to strangle and fight, to pull and wrangle you free from your preconceived notions and make you look at things a different way.

This year marked the birth of my first novel, the Father of Flesh, by Darkwater Syndicate. It's doing well, and I'm proud of what it has been described as. People have been enjoying it for what it is, which is what I want. Have I received hate mail? Of course. Do I care? Not really. I thought now might be a time to air some of it, but I don't think waving about people's honest opinions about my work only to poke holes and argue with them when they can't reply would only be spiteful.

So I won't do that.

What I will do is say that I write for my own amusement and livelihood, to support my wife and I. I get paid twice a year, royalties based off of what is sold, so don't think this is something making me rich. I'm just a peddler of stories like a bard of old, I just do it in a format you can choose to enjoy at your leisure.

The folks over at Stitched Smile Publications and I have been hanging out for a while, and I've been having fun with them. Ever since Unleashed: Monsters Vs. Zombies Volume Two came out I've been one of the authors to join their ranks, and I join them in their release parties on Facebook for laughs. They're a great group, so stop by their blog and read it every Saturday for their weekly short story entries. I frequent those, so you can catch my work there more often than not.

It's been a blast folks, but it's not over yet folks! Let's keep this party going and see if we can wake the dead, shall we?

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