Author Book Signing Diary February 10th, Part One

I started the day out with the rather grand plans of selling twenty copies of my book in the scant few hours I would be there, moving product like I did back when I was a salesmen at the jewelry store. The fact that the day was busy worked to my advantage, as I met many wonderful people who seemed to have a genuine interest in me and my book. I handed out business cards, spoke about the easiest ways to write novels, and told up-and-coming authors about sources on the web where they could find open calls for their stories. We talked about horror, both classic and modern. We spoke about suspense versus gore, and debated authors and I even met a charming two year old girl named after a certain fair haired woman from Game of Thrones with three messy dragons! There were people who came to the store, the Half Price Books at Huebner Oaks here in San Antonio, who weren't prepared to spend as much as my book cost. I understood, and told them of my website, where they could find my stories for free and read as much as they wanted. Many were intrigued, some were impressed, and a select few accepted cards which they jotted down information on. I smiled with each person and nodded at all their questions.

My anxieties, which can be crippling, ate at me all day, and I took my medication multiple times to keep myself calm. As I'd long since memorized the change that would be needed for cash payments, and what would be needed for credit cards. It wasn't easy, but the best thin gs in life seldom are. I was never able to eat, stand, or do anything other than sit and be still the entire time. When I stood up, my limbs creaked and popped from how stiff I'd been holding them.

I met a teacher and her friends who spoke of their beliefs about how religion should be portrayed in fiction, and how they like my approach to the world religions. The fact that I view even my own through a muted lens made them smile, and when I told them that Buddhist monks made a special visit in the novel, they said they would have to look me up when they had the chance.

All in all, I had a wonderful time and spent all of it with amazing people. I want to thank the staff at Half Price Books from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to come into the hallowed halls of their establishment and peddle my wares. The manager, Leena, was very welcoming and a breath of fresh air when it comes to my brief encounters with leadership at retail stores in general. I guess when you are working as a vendor, and not a customer, you can see things from a diffferent point of view and get treated with a different set of gloves. It was a surreal experience, one I plan on repeating as soon as possible. I plan on posting more on my adventures of book signbings and conventions as they progress, and will post them up for everyone to enjoy. If you have any questions for me, or better, advice, I welcome it.

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