Author Book Signing Diary February 10th Part Three

When I first went in, I spoke with the manager of the business, who was excited and bubbly. She told me she wanted to stock my book as she would be creating a corner dedicated to local authors. As it would happen, I had numerous people tell me that they hadn't brought the money as the book was a tad expensive for the discount book store, and they would bring some at a later date. Another person who was interested was another employee who thought I was going to be signing all week. Now, for those of you that missed the signing and want to grab a copy for yourselves without paying shipping, you can grab a copy from the Huebner/I-10 store here in San Antonio. They should have a number of copies on hand, and I will periodically check to see if they need more. The manager was very kind, and the staff seemed keen on having me come back, so I will inquire when I have a release of my next novel(s). I got to speak to a married couple with a young girl named Daenerys. They were very lovely, and seemed intrigued by my book, but had to leave suddenly. They did say they would look me up, and I believe I gave them a card, so if you guys are reading this, hello! I promised them fun reads from my blog and interesting content from the books and anthologies I'm in.

I hope to deliver on that promise.

Of the many people I spoke to, some were writers trying to make it in the industry. For them, I have the same message I share with everyone that asks me for advice. Write a page a day for multiple manuscripts, at minimum. It can be one book, or three (I do three), but with one page a day, you'll have a book written in a year. I tend to write more than one page per book, so I can polish them off in a month in a half to two months. With this kind of work, I can generate a volume of material and submit it to the publishers I'm contracted with, and the editors pick which ones have the viability to work in the current market (generally two out of three).

The ones that don't become trunk novels, which means they go into storage to be tinkered with in my spare time and re-submitted when the markets shifts a bit. What makes the market shift? Movies are a big one, as are other big name books. Zombies were, and still are, a big thing. Vampires are dying out, but still have an allure about them. Horror seems to be more about ghosts now, with Insidious and The Conjuring detailing haunted locations. Demons as well are making a comeback, so possessions are "in" when it comes to novels, which are slowly catching on.

However you cut it, I had fun and had a successful first signing of the year. This Saturday I'll be at the Broadway location, and will be there from noon until five PM. I encourage you, if you are in the area and want to meet me, to come snag a book, have a laugh, and get it signed. Have a great Valentines folks!

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