Teddy Part Two

“What? No, like I told you its voice thing is all messed up; you probably just heard it wrong.”

Amelia said from her kitchen counter, where she was mixing two whiskey sours together. Taking the drinks firmly in hand, she held one out to Alex, who took a long pull from the glass, the fiery liquid burning a trail into the pit of his stomach. “Who, easy there tiger. I need you sober enough for some fun tonight, you know.”

Looking over at Amelia appreciatively, Alex grinned lecherously. “Of don’t worry, you’ll be more than satisfied.”

“Hmmm… I hope so.” She said as she sipped her drink. A thud from upstairs, followed by the lights going out caused Amelia to curse. “Sorry, this… this happens sometimes. It’ll come back on in a minute.”


“What was that?” Alex asked, moving closer to Amelia. “What the hell was that?”

“I don’t know, it sounded like metal being slid across something.”

With a hum and a flicker, the light came back on, allowing both of the adults to look around the room, trying to discern what that noise could have been.

Alex was the first to notice it. “The clown. He’s gone. The clown is freaking gone!”

“Relax,” Amelia said, setting her glass down. “Make yourself comfortable in the living room; I’m going to check on my son, who I suspect is doing this just to scare you.”

“Yeah, well… it’s working!”

Amelia shook her head as she walked out of the kitchen and into the living room, up to the stairs. The hallway light was on at the top of the stairs, with the toy robot sitting on the edge of the final step as if it had been waiting for her. Looking behind her at the front door, she looked back up at the stairs.

“Was that light on when I came home…?” She whispered to herself, wondering if she was just starting to develop an overactive imagination. No, it had to have been, she was just busy… had other things on her mind at the time.

Marching up the stairs, she stopped long enough to scoop up the robot and turn the corner into the hallway leading to her bedroom, Anthony’s bedroom, and the guest bathroom. Flipping the hall light off, she opened up her son’s bedroom door a crack, peering into the folded darkness, trying to ascertain if her son was awake.

“Anthony? Anthony, are you awake?”

The room fell silent for a moment before a low voice grumbled. “No. Can’t sleep.”

“What was your clown doing downstairs, and why was the butcher knife out like that? You could have cut yourself!”

“Giggles just wanted to stretch his legs,” her son said, speaking as if into a pillow, low and slow. “And I didn’t do anything with a knife that must have been Giggles.”

“Well, Giggles is going to be in real trouble tomorrow morning, you hear me? Now go to sleep!”

“I can’t,” he whined in his hushed tones.

“Well just try!” She hissed, tossing the robot into the room with a loud clunk. “And stay in your room, I have a guest over.”

Amelia closed the door before her son could even respond, locking it for good measure; she didn’t want him to come out and bother her while she was on a date! That'd been the first time she had a man over since the divorce, she was not about to have her own son mess this up for her! Smoothing out the wrinkles in her dress, Amelia heaved a sigh and descended the stairs, slowly making her way around to the living room, where the meat, er, man was sitting on the couch, staring forward at the TV, which was on and turned to some inane child’s show, thankfully muted.

“So what do you do for work Alex? Are you a student full time?” She asked as she slipped into the kitchen, fetching her own drink and downing it in one quick gulp.

“Oh, I just like to entertain is all,” Alex said, chuckling.

“Oh, are you a performer?” She asked as she poured a liberal amount of whiskey into her glass, this time taking it straight instead of adding a flavoring to it.

“I make do with what I have,” Alex said, eyes never leaving the TV. “I act, I dance, I play and I sing. I do a lot of playing since I’m with kids all day.”

“That must get on your nerves,” Amelia said, leaning over the bar as she swirled her drink in her glass, staring at the back of Alex’s head. “I couldn’t work with kids; it’s bad enough having one!”

Alex was silent for a moment. “You don’t mean that, do you?” His voice cracked, at first, a nervous chuckle trailing off at the end of his question.

Amelia looked into her drink, swirling it some more before taking a long sip. “No, I guess I don’t. It’s just so hard being a single mother is all… you wouldn’t understand.”

“No, but I can make you smile I bet.”

Amelia smirked. “Oh yeah? And how’s that?

“It’s a surprise; you’ll have to come over here to see,” Alex said, giggling as he drunkenly wobbled back and forth from his seat on the couch.

Amelia finished off her drink and pushed herself up, wobbling herself a fair bit, before walking over into the living room. Moving to turn on the light, Alex shushed her. “No, keep the light off. I like it… off.”

“Ohhh… aren’t you a kinky little guy?” Amelia giggled flirtatiously as she moved over to the couch, standing in front of Alex, who was now staring at her stomach.

“Get down on your knees, and check my pockets. I have something for you… something long.”

“Oh, I like long,” Amelia said, dropping down to her knees, sliding her hands up Alex’s chest slowly before rubbing her hand over the obvious bulge in his pants.

It was huge!

“Oh my, you’re holding quite a bit back, aren’t you?”

“You have no idea… now go ahead, unzip me… and do it slowly.” Alex commanded, a slight chuckle bubbling up.

“You got it big boy…” Amelia grabbed the zipper on Alex’s jeans and slowly tugged it down, placing the flat of her hand on his thigh to better tug the stubborn garment off of him. As she tugged it down, fully unzipping him, something long sprouted from the crotch, something long and round… and something that was definitely growing.

“Oh my god, Alex… I don’t know if that will fit inside me…”

“Oh don’t worry,” Came a far higher pitched, giggling voice. “He didn’t think it would fit inside him either. But he was wrong, just like you!”


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