Author Book Signing Diary February 17th Part One

Just sat down after a fun day of working alongside the great folks at the Half Price Books at the Broadway location. I want to thank them for the warm welcome they had for me and the great support they offered through the entire day. They were a blast and announced me at least once an hour, keeping people aware that I was around and what I was doing.

I went in a little unprepared today as I didn't have my business cards with me today (I forgot in my rush to make certain I had everything) but I made due with some scraps of paper for those that were interested in my website. I had a good number of people who were interested in my work, and spoke with me concerning where I could submit my published works to be sold in the future. They had some surprising locations that I'll be chasing down this coming Monday to see if I can make heads or tails of them, which could lead to an untapped source of revenue for me and a few others that I work with.

I spoke with a few people who were a little full of themselves, several who were down to earth, and more than a few who were outright odd. I spoke with former military who voted for Trump, some ex-law enforcement who wanted to support local authors, to the extreme left of the spectrum with hipster book geeks who knew some of HP Lovecraft's least known works were by me briefly mentioning him. All of these people supported me, and for those of you reading this now, I am proud to call you fans.

I sold as many as I planned to today, and was able to have dinner with Jennifer at a small bistro for a celebratory meal for our success. I took some anxiety medicine from being in close proximity to that many people, as this store was far more enclosed than the other, but I was able to work with it as I didn't have to stand up at all.

A success, which is all I ask for!

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