Teddy, Part Three

“What? Alex, I don’t understand… what do you mean?”

Alex’s erect phallus, hard yet pliant, popped with the sound of a tire being blown out, as a flurry of shadows leaped from the confines of his pants, dragging with them a heavy handled butcher knife. Shrieking as the small object smacked her in the face, small cloth hands grappling with her hair as a leg slammed the heavy metal blade into her throat, knocking the air from her.

Amelia pushed herself up from Alex, who merely slumped over, his head lolling to the side as blood seeped from a neat wound over his windpipe. Stringing along with whatever was grabbing at her face was a long strand of something, leading out from the dead man’s crotch and onto Amelia’s face. The smell of sweat and blood assaulted her senses as the giggling spider on her head swung from lock to lock, dragging the blade along her collarbone as he circled her head.

Moving away, she slammed against the far wall, flipping on the light so that she could, at least, see what was going on. Looking down, she saw she was staring into the glassy eyes of Giggles the Clown, a wide smile radiating from his face.

“This is what you get for ignoring Tony like you have!” Giggles cackled, running around her head once more before jumping down, crossing the line of what turned out to be colored handkerchiefs, which were now wrapped around her throat, choking her thanks to the weight of the cleaver Giggle’s leg had wrapped around.

Reaching forward towards it, she recoiled when Giggles slashed at her hand with a hatpin, causing her to stumble back, slamming into the wall. Sliding down, this gave Giggles plenty of opportunity to reel more of his handkerchief line out and move away from her body, choking her further as he crawled on hands and one leg, lead handkerchief held now in his cackling maw as he pulled the noose tighter around her neck.

Reaching to her neck, she pulled at the cords in a vain hope of freeing herself. Looking at Alex’s corpse didn’t seem to help, and the demented clown doll was crawling away from her with the cleaver… yes, the cleaver! That could cut this damn noose!

Scrambling from her spot on the floor, Amelia crawled after the clown until she bumped into the pajama-clad feet of a young boy. Looking up, she saw Anthony, holding his bear in his arms, staring at his mother with a dispassionate glare.

“Honey… please… help me!” She gasped out, the edges of her vision starting to sparkle as her oxygen levels began to deplete.

“No Mom,” he said, looking to his bear, who nodded. “I don’t think so. I think after this I’ll go live with Dad like I wanted in the first place.”

Choking on her own bile as she could no longer even swallow, Amelia fell to her side, struggling against the tight cords around her neck until her body went slack. Leaning down, Anthony closed his mother’s eyes with two fingers.

“Do you want to play Tony?” The bear asked his voice deep and gruff. “We can’t call the police until morning you know, so that leaves us plenty of time to play!”

“Yeah, let’s play, let’s play!” Giggles chimed in, padding up next to Tony, the cleaver being drug by one of his arms now.

“Giggles, go put the cleaver by my Mom so it looks like she killed the guy, alright?” Tony asked the diminutive clown.

“Can do!”

“And Grizzly? Thanks for playing Hide the Knives tonight. It was really fun!”

The bear hugged Tony around the neck, nuzzling into him. “Anytime kid, anytime.”


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