Author Book Signing Diary February 24th Part One

Another day, another event!

To all who came out to see me and to those that became fans, I want to welcome you to the graveyard! We have plenty of stories you can dig up for your pleasure. Some are fresh, some are dated, all are fun! I do write them on the fly, so do forgive the lack of editing; they are exercises in to keep my mind active and my fingers spry, so to speak.

I do have a Patreon that is new where I post free horror reviews and articles (no membership or fee) so swing on by to check that out. I have stories unique to the Patreon that are edited, and they tend to be a bit stranger and darker, so beware. You can read them for a as little as a dollar a month.

There is a group of film makers working on a short story of mine, Apartment 701, that they are adapting into a short feature for YouTube. It should be out towards the end of March, and I'll have it on the front page when it is released.

Onto the book signing!

I want to thank the wonderful folks at Half Price Books, as they made the day a lot of fun and so much easier as they helped me out when I needed it the few times I asked. I want to thank my wife for bringing me a drink and being my cheerleader, and I want to thank the manager of the Half Price Books for being supportive of local authors and inviting me back. I have a feeling I'll be taking you up on that offer once my next book comes out, as I'll be keen to let people know about my work.

I met some wonderful writers who are working on their books, and was able to talk shop with them. One woman told me of her work on a piece of dark fiction that I'm looking forward to, and I spoke with another who is working on a piece that is about women who work in the oil industry. We had a fun time discussing the pros and cons of self-publishing, and I told her of my work with my publishers and how much I like them.

I met a good deal of people who knew of HP Lovecraft at this location, and we all had a good laugh over some of his stories. I was able to discuss my book with people who knew of the cosmic horror genre, and had fun talking the fans who ended up adding my book to their library.

Thank you to all the new fans I got, and I hope you all have a great time reading my novel!

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