Heat of the Moment

“Come on Alex, don’t be that way!” Chris said, ducking as another pair of pants was thrown over his head and onto the open suitcase.

Alexandra, Chris’s buxom strawberry-blonde girlfriend, was having another fit over Chris’s wandering eye. She caught him chatting with Elena, the bartender at their local hangout, about a week ago. With his calloused hands trailing down Elena’s arm from across the bar, Alexandra had stomped up to the two and demanded to know what was going on. Elena had merely laughed it off, flipping her crimson locks over her shoulder while swatting Chris on the chest, chastising him for ignoring his girlfriend.

That probably prevented an all-out brawl in the middle of the club, Chris thought as he ran a hand through his chestnut colored hair.

“Alexandra, I wasn’t flirting with her!” Chris said, stressing his words as best he could while trying to reign in his temper. She’d already slapped him a number of times, and Chris was very close to snapping on her.

“It didn’t look that way to me you cheating son of a bitch!” Alexandra growled, stomping past Chris with an armful of her clothes.

Chris grabbed her arm, but she spun, dumping the clothes, and disentangled herself from his grip. “Don’t you touch me you asshole! This relationship is over!”

Chris grits his teeth. “Will you just listen to me, babe?”

“And stop calling me that! My name isn’t babe!” Alexandra said, slapping Chris’s hands away from her.

Chris glowered before taking a deep breath. “Now Alexandra, we have a lot of history together… you think I’m just going to let you walk out that door, after everything we’ve been through together?”

“Of course, I do!” Alexandra stated, stooping down to scoop up her clothes.

Alexandra didn’t even see Chris’s knee launching forward until it had broken her nose, sending her tumbling like a crumpled marionette against the bed. Blood spurted as a loud crack echoed throughout the small guest bedroom, the plaster walls carrying the noise well. Alexandra howled in agony as her hands went to her face before she felt Chris’s boot connect with her ribcage.

Rolling over onto her side, she curled into a ball, covering her soft spots as Chris spouted off obscenities, kicking at her prone form. She choked back on the bile rising in her throat as she fought back the tears welling in her eyes. Looking out from her huddled over position; she saw her saving grace beneath the bed and quickly shuffled and crawled about on the ground trying to get there.

“No, you don’t bitch!” Chris growled, grabbing onto Alexandra’s legs and pulling her out, her nails snapping as she scratched at the carpet in a vain effort to get away from her angry boyfriend.

He kicked at her knee, a loud pop bouncing off the walls of the small bedroom. Alexandra let out a scream as she felt her muscles slip and tear along the bone, her kneecap now sliding freely away from her joint. She looked up at Chris with fiery eyes, thinking of all the hateful things he’d done to her over the course of their relationship and how much she just wanted him to hurt.

Chris towered over her, breathing heavily as he looked down at Alexandra. “What bitch? What do you think you’re going to do? You’re mine, Alexandra. You know that!”

Alexandra coughed up a bit of blood, staring down at the flecks marring the white carpet as she tried to right herself along the ground. Pulling herself forward, she reached with an unsteady hand underneath the bed. Chris laughed, kicking her once in her dislocated knee.

“What, you think hiding under the bed will save you, Alexandra? You’re not the first girl to try ditching me, you know that! I don’t get rejected!”

Alexandra gasped as she felt Chris’s boot on the small of her back, pressing down on her spine. She was so close… Alexandra gasped out and whipped her arm back, slapping at his boot with a loud clapping noise.

Chris laughed some more before pushing down hard on her back. “I’ll let you in on a secret bitch; there were a lot more girls than you think, I just kept a better lid on it than I did with Elena…”

Alexandra, crying out from the pressure on her back, blinked back her tears as she thought she saw something move underneath the bed. A pair of glistening blue eyes, a shock of red hair… but then it was gone.

Chris knelt down, grabbing hold of Alexandra’s hair to tug her head up. “We had a good thing going Alex, I don’t see why you had to try and leave me. I think the next girl I go for will be a quiet one. Someone who doesn’t have so much spine!”

As he finished his sentence, he ground in his heel at the base of her spine, causing her toes to go numb and her legs to shake as she screamed in pain. The lights went out just as her voice did, leaving them both in pitch darkness.

“What’s this shit?” Chris muttered, letting go of Alexandra’s hair, her head thumping on the floor. Alexandra, despite the pain she was in, made a move to crawl underneath the bed, where she could try and stave off his attacks long enough for someone to call the police, assuming they heard her wails of agony.

Chris ignored her as she slid along the floor, pulling something with a metallic sound from his belt as he looked around the room. “Alexandra, don’t think you’ll be getting away from your punishment. I just need some light to see what I’m doing.”

“No,” a voice breathed, cold and spiteful. “No more.”

“What was that?” Chris spun, looking down at the floor where Alexandra had been. “You stupid cow, you think hiding will save you?”

“Hide,” the voice said, this time coming from the closet. “Hide it away, where no one can see.”

“How did you get over there?” Chris said, walking away from Alexandra, one hand out as he searched for her body in the darkness. “I must not have stomped hard enough if you can still move.”

Alexandra held her hand over her mouth beneath the bed, watching by moonlight through the bedroom window as her boyfriend walked away from the bed, a knife gleaming in his left hand. It was slender, perhaps five inches long, and looked as if it had a serrated edge.

Like something you would use to cut up meat, Alexandra thought with a grim smile.

“Chris,” the voice whispered as he drew closer to the source. “You won’t get away with this.”

“That’s where you’re wrong Alexandra,” Chris chuckled, kicking around at his feet in search of her. “Oh if these walls could talk, they’d scream. Oh, how they would scream!”

“Not scream,” the voice hissed, the room suddenly going cold. “Whisper. They would whisper.”

Like a bolt of lightning, something flashed from behind the hanging shirts and pants, slashing at Chris with a long piece of metal. Chris gurgled, dropping his knife as his hands went up to his throat, a splattering of what sounded like water hitting the floor in front of him. He struggled to hold it in, but it just sluiced around his fingers and fell in a deluge down to the floor, creating a steaming puddle that he dropped down into with a horrid splat.

The clothes parted again, this time slowly, to reveal a rotting arm reaching out, the skin drawn taut over the limb. Long nails, the tips ending in chipped purple, sank into Chris’s side, deep enough for the arm to gain purchase and drag him into the closet. As he vanished behind the clothes, the doors slammed shut behind him.

Alexandra lay hunkered down beneath the bed for what felt like hours, what could have been days. She was so thirsty when the people came busting down the front door, her eyes no longer watery, just puffy. Her tongue was almost too thick for her to make a noise when the police officers came in the room, one calling for an ambulance at the sight of the dried blood puddle. An older officer found her, laid out flat on the bed, her legs useless from the boots Chris had used on her.

Alexandra heard so many things later on; she could hardly keep track of them. The bodies of missing women that were found within the walls of the closet, some nine women in total, all with slit throats. One of them was a bartender that had recently gone missing, one with blue eyes and wild red hair... The women coming forward to describe Chris as a stalker. The women that claimed that he had given them gifts, and asked them out on dates and even slept with, all while he was with Alexandra. From her wheelchair, Alexandra could only smile as she learned all of this, something that made her friends and family seem… nervous.

But she didn’t care. She knew that the women had gotten their vengeance on Chris, wherever his body was. The police never found it, despite ripping out the walls of the entire bedroom. The blood trail went into the wall and disappeared as if he had simply vanished into the night.

They didn’t believe Alexandra when she said he had been killed, and so there was a wanted poster out for him, his face plastered on the news.

Alexandra didn’t care. She was safe now, despite her newfound disability. The worry of being caught because of Chris’s wandering eye was now gone as they blamed the murders on him. Alexandra just knew that she’d have to be more selective of the men she hooked up with from now on.. And Alexandra was okay with that; in her condition, she’d never be able to slit the throat of her man’s current interest again.


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