Houston Convention at Traders Village

This past weekend was my first convention as a retailer, with my focus on selling my first and second novel under Darkwater Syndicate's banner. I met a number of people and was able to sell more than a few copies of my books, all while getting to know my publisher from Stitched Smile Publications. The convention last two days, and I stayed in Houston four days and three nights.

First, let me thank my amazing host and her family. Funny and amazing, they made the weekend a fun time for me. I got to discuss writing, video games, and life all while dining on a fine selection of Keto meals and snacks. Lisa Vasquez is a great person, and I had a blast meeting and hanging with her husband and her two boys.

As for the convention, I shared the space with a number of other authors. Some classic horror, fantasy, and sci-fi were present. As I was trying to sell in general with my back thrown out, I did okay and met some quirky folks that made for an entertaining few days. The husband of a fellow author, an old hippie that had some funny tee-shirts, regaled me with stories of his youth all while helping to load and unload things with Rob (Lisa's husband). I spent a combined ten hours in the flea market where the convention was taking place.

Of the stranger people, I saw a man driving a motorized wheelchair with a sound system playing "Who Let the Dogs Out" on a continual loop, a number of Joker cos players, several writers trying to break the mold, and one rather loud teenage girl that took exception to anime being called cartoons.

I'll post phots for all to see in the next few hours, with small stories attached to each one.

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