Halfway to Halloween Convention Experience

A fun event, as any convention tends to be. Jennifer got a picture with a very convincing Pyramid Head, there was a man dressed as Deadpool, dressed as Bob Ross, and there were at least a dozen Pennywise costumes, most of them on small children. I had my table and was happily speaking about the joys of writing and the experiences I've had getting published, all while selling copies of The Father of Flesh and Travails for Teyuna.

I met three individuals who were interested in writing books, two of which were vendors as well as soon-to-be authors. I discussed the merits of a good spooky story with Kat, who bought a copy of each book for her colleagues and her to read between the study of corpses created from crime. And I even helped a few wayward fathers find a great idea for scaring their children in suggestions of books for bedtime.

Now? I go back to my cave, coiling up in front of the glow of my monitor to type away at another project or three. Hunters of the Dead: Witches War will be available this coming Fall, along with a few other books of mine. Jack in the Box is a modern-age ghost story that is family friendly, while Lust of the Damned is a more, ahem risque book about a recently turned vampire and her new rule over a clan of the walking dead.

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