Horror Haiku One

Some small poetry I composed while working on the Broken Gods series. Enjoy!

Father of Flesh

Courting nightmares,

Flesh bends its terrible will,

Bloodless meat slides

Sister of Soul

Drifting in the ether,

Served by profane priestesses,

Catering the dying god

Blood Mother

A Nubian empire,

Ruined temples choked by jungle,

Conceal unearthly beings

Brother of Bone

Bloodied hands raised,

Rituals pull bones from the slain,

All for the Brother's glory

The Overgod

Soul binds together,

Union of blood, flesh, and bone,

Bask in profane glory

The Children

Monsters of hunger,

Sweaty flesh flows like living clay,

Maws form freely to feast


A job, duty, and name,

Taken by only the utterly devout,

With the darkest of souls

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