The Father of Flesh: A Paranormal Adventure!

Hey fellow gravediggers, Just dropping a line to let you know what is percolating. I have Knife, which has two more parts to it. Then there's A Deal With The...? which will be three parts. I posted a poll on Twitter, and a majority vote said that you all want an Old God story. I'll deliver part-one this Saturday, with A Deal With The...? Part Two on Sunday.

Now, to the goal for January. I want all of you to take the following post and toss it up on your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, as I'm running an experiment.

A fellow author moved his books up the charts through a social networking experiment like this one. My goal is a humble one:

The Father of Flesh is sitting at #4250 in Paranormal Kindle books on Amazon. A single scan can hurtle me several hundred points in any direction, so I would like to see my debut novel sitting at #2500 by the end of the month. If we can reach that, I will lower the pay wall on my Patreon and allow ALL work I've posted up until now to be seen by all, permanently. For Patreon members, I'll introduce a new poll on which novel I will work on next and allow you to vote on what I write. Yup, you will have the say in the plot of my next novel.

But only if I hit #2500 or lower in the charts by January 31st, 2019. And that's on any Amazon site, UK, CA, or US. For the aforementioned post, here is what you can post: The Father of Flesh is Nicholas Paschall's debut novel. Part horror, part paranormal adventure, it's like a mixture of H.P. Lovecraft and Indiana Jones all in one! "Follow along with Professor Davis Nickels, an elderly professor of the Occult Sciences at the University of Texas in Austin. After receiving word of an Old One rousing from his eternal sleep, he recruits a band of graduate students to go on an action-packed adventure to face off against mad cultists, demons, and the living dead. What dwells deep in the mountains of China, and what chaos could it bring should it rise from it's millennia long sleep? The only one who can give a definitive answer is Davis Nickels, and he's doing his damnedest to stop it from happening."

The link should take to the Kindle page, and everything in the quotes should work on Facebook. Twitter, I say be creative! Thank you all for supporting the work I do through this site. I hope to continue bringing fear to your homes for years to come.

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